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100 Things To Do In Saipan

Saipan is a beautiful island and there are many reasons to visit the capital of the Mariana Islands.

If you’re planning your next getaway (post-pandemic), Saipan is an ideal destination to relax and unwind.

From the 10-minute boat ride down to Mañagaha Island to seeing the entire island from the summit of Mt. Tapochau, there are dozens of fun activities for you and your family and friends to enjoy.

Saipan is rich in history, mouthwatering local and international dishes, culture, and festivals (pre/post-pandemic). All the while, you can feel time slowing down.

This is the perfect guide to prepare your itinerary for your first or latest visit to Saipan and get to know more about this tropical getaway.

Activities to Do, Sights to See, and Places to Eat in Saipan

1. Everest Kitchen for flavorful Nepalese-Mediterranean dishes
2. Micro Beach
3. Enjoy a relaxing meal while overlooking the island at 360° Revolving Restaurant
4. Landing Beach
5. Watch the sunset at the Beach Road pathway
6. Feed your sweet tooth with Coconut Candy, desert made from freshly grated coconut and granulated sugar
7. Hike up Mt. Tapochau (annual Good Friday March beginning at Midnight)
8. Explore underwater marine life and World War remnants in the Saipan Submarine
9. Bring back mementos of Saipan from Made In Saipan
10. Cha Café & Bistro, an LA-inspired coffee and pastry shop

11. Tank Beach
12. Stroll through the Flame Tree Arts Festival (about 4 nights of fun in April)
13. Sugar King Park
14. Take a picture at the “Saipan” sign in Marpi
15. Take a walk around the Hyatt Regency Hotel tropical garden
16. Bring back some island goodies from 670 Rock Steady Shop
17. Ride waves at the bodysurfing wave machine at Pacific Islands Club (PIC)
18. Watch the sunrise or sunset atop Mt. Tapochau
19. Learn how to Hula
20. D’Elegance restaurant for classic Filipino dishes

21. Swim, dive, or snorkel at The Grotto
22. See World War battle equipment at The Last Command Post
23. Capitol Hill Softball Field
24. Skydive
25. Enjoy a water theme park at the World Resort Wave Jungle
26. Filling array of sandwiches and specialty coffee at Great Harvest Bread Co.
27. Saipan Katori Shrine
28. See the birds from afar at Bird Island Observatory
29. Have a Flame Tree photoshoot in Marpi (during June – July!)
30. Visit the island’s very first church, Mount Carmel Cathedral

31. Ladder Beach
32. Enjoy kayaking
33. Go fishing and enjoy a delicious fresh fish meal
34. Lao Lao Golf Course
35. Obyan Beach
36. Ina’s Kitchen, a small but mighty restaurant with elevated local dishes
37. Have a BBQ get-together at the beach pavilions
38. Hike to Bird Island
39. Walk down the steep steps at The Grotto
40. Lau Lau Beach

41. Remember the fallen at Suicide Cliff
42. Enjoy some deep fried banana donuts, called Buñelos
43. Some of the best Korean chicken wings at Zoom Café
44. Have a picnic at American Memorial Park
45. Shinsen for sushi cravings
46. Learn history and grab souvenirs at the American Memorial Park Visitor Center
47. Eloy S. Inos Peace Park
48. Book a room at Hyatt Regency Hotel
49. Jam to island music while cruising around the island
50. Wing Beach

51. Spicy Thai Noodle Place, a local favorite
52. Stroll through the Paseo De Marianas
53. Hike down to Old Man by the Sea
54. Kingfisher Golf Links
55. Add to your book collection at Bestseller Bookstore
56. Have a shopping spree at I Love Saipan / I Love Saipan Outlet Store
57. Try some roasted coconut wrapped in banana leaves, called Apigigi.
58. Gold Ribbon Bakeshop and Restaurant
59. Cruise the beaches in pedal boats
60. Make a wish and prayer at the wishing well in Santa Lourdes Shrine

61. Drive leisurely through Beach Road (especially during sunset!)
62. Visit the Banzai Cliff Memorial
63. Take a stroll through the Shipping Dock
64. A rising Filipino/Chinese restaurant Savory Bistro Café
65. Pau Pau Beach
66. Mariana Seaside Go Kart Track
67. Have a snack with tortilla pressed shell with fillings of toasted ground rice, onions, garlic, and meat of choice, known as Empanadas.
68. NMI Museum of History and Culture
69. Banana Boat on our oceans
70. Treat yourself to international meals at the Taste of the Marianas (every Saturday in May)

71. Japanese favorites at Himawari Restaurant
72. Traverse through the jungles in ATVs
73. Build a bonfire at Ladder Beach
74. Enjoy a quiet time at Joeten Kiyu Public Library
75. Learn some words from the Chamorro language (“Hafa Adai” means “Hello”)
76. Hike to Forbidden Island (carefully, with experienced hikers!)
77. Healthy meals and hearty local plates at The Shack
78. Bomb Storage Magazine
79. Korean Peace Memorial
80. Java Joe’s for the island’s popular pearl (boba) shakes

81. Use that coconut meat to cook up a sweet, warm porridge called Åhu
82. San Isidro Beach Park
83. Take the ferry out to Mañagaha Island
84. Drink fresh coconut juice and eat fresh coconut meat
85. Joeten Hafa Adai Shopping Center
86. Try the island’s iconic Red Rice, served at every BBQ gathering
87. Herman’s Modern Bakery, one of the island’s oldest bakeries
88. Taste the different versions of Kelaguen (chicken, meat, or shrimp slowly marinated in salt, lemon juice, coconut milk, onions, and peppers)
89. Garapan Street Market (every Thursday night)
90. Kristo Rai Parish to visit the standing bell tower

91. Get a bite off (cooked) Ayuyu, a large coconut crab
92. Kalabera Cave
93. Enjoy a hot dog combo at Joeten Superstore
94. Interact with stingrays and sharks with SEATOUCH
95. Gentle Brook Restaurant
96. Make homemade Titiyas, cross between flour tortillas and baked flatbread.
97. Place a Plumeria flower on your ear (placing it on the left indicates being taken, whereas the right ear signifies being single)
98. Café MangoSix, a popular Korean café
99. Garapan Central Park
100. Shirley’s Coffee Shop for diner-sized portions

Tips Before and During Your Visit to Saipan


Stay updated with current CNMI Entry and Quarantine Protocols.

Fill out Traveler’s Health Declaration Form at least 72 hours prior to arrival date.

Pack for warm-hot weather temperature. At most, bring only one jacket/hoodie for the slight chance of a rainy day(s).

Be prepared to use quite a handful of sunscreen if you don’t want the sun to affect your skin too much.

Do keep or request digital copies of your documents as a backup.

Be prepared to use a temporary SIM card or apply for roaming if you want to make calls/use data in the CNMI. The only phone providers the island has are IT&E and Docomo, so all other area codes outside the CNMI are not valid to use.


Do be respectful when visiting all the memorial sites on the island – use indoor voices and keep things as they were.

Do pick up your trash and throw them in the appropriate bins.

Do ask for directions when lost. Locals are very friendly and don’t mind helping visitors get to their destination. (Fun fact: Locals use visible landmarks instead of street addresses to identify a location!)

Do keep your most valued belongings (ID’s, passports, wallets, purses, other travel documents) secured in a safe, hidden place.

Do purchase bottled waters at the store as it’s advisable to not drink water from our taps since they have not been sanitized for drinking.

Do stop by and support local businesses.

Do keep your cars at the designated parking spots (please do not drive them on the beaches).

Do have fun and take lots of happy memories with you.

Let's Chat!

Have you been to Saipan before? What were some of your favorite sights and activities you’ve experienced, and if I’ve missed some, let me know in the comments below and I’ll them to this list!

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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