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I’ve been hesitating on whether to make my ultimate goal list (a bucket list) public, but I figured I should do it. (Who knows, it might motivate me to achieve them more.) Plus, I think it would be great to look back on this list and see all of the things I’ve experienced in life.

I started this list in 2016, and since then, it’s been a work in progress. The list will continue change – adding, altering, and removing items as a reflection of my own personal lessons, growth, and healing.

Many of the things on this list might sound impossible to do, or completely out of my comfort zone, but as I continue my journey of self-love, I believe I can accomplish everything my heart and soul call out for.

Also, I am including experiences I have accomplished before 2016.

I hope that this list, or the idea of creating one, will reach and inspire anyone to take a leap of faith, occasionally get out of their comfort zone, and find happiness in everyday life. It's a long journey, so let's get to it!

1,000+ things to see, experience, and fulfill in this lifetime


Events, Holidays, Seasons

Attend a baseball game 

Attend a basketball game

Attend a black-and-white dance

Attend a black-tie gala

Attend a Christmas Eve and/or Day mass

Attend a film premiere

Attend a gallery opening

Attend a holiday parade

Attend a local holiday event

Attend a Major League Baseball game

Attend a NASCAR race

Attend a National Basketball Association game

Attend a rodeo

Attend a seasonal-themed festival

Attend a soccer game

Attend a tree-lighting ceremony

Attend a wedding

Attend a wedding in a different country

Attend an LGBTQ+ event

Attend Comic-Con

Attend Junior/Senior prom

Attend the Olympics

Attend the Pacific Games

Attend the Pacific Mini Games

Break a wishbone from the turkey

Burn holiday-themed candles

Carve a Jack-O-Lantern

Celebrate Christmas in the Philippines

Celebrate my birthday

Chop down my own Christmas tree

Collect and press Autumn leaves

Cook traditional holiday-themed dishes

Create an Autumn-inspired cocktail

Decorate mantle for Autumn

Decorate the home for a holiday

Do a 1,000-piece seasonal-themed puzzle

Gather around a campfire and share ghost stories

Get a pumpkin from a pumpkin patch

Get spooked at a Haunted House

Give out candy on Halloween night

Go apple picking at an orchard

Go on a foliage drive

Go on a hay ride

Go through a haunted maze

Go Trick-or-Treating

Hang stockings for Christmas

Have a themed costume with friends for Halloween

Have a White Christmas

Have courtside seats to a basketball game

Hide or find the elf on a shelf

Holiday doodles

Host a Friendsgiving

Host a Halloween costume party

Host a holiday dinner

Host a holiday gathering

Leave cookies and milk for Santa

Light my favorite holiday-scented candles

Light my favorite seasonal-scented candles

Make a nativity ornament

Make a scarecrow

Organize an Easter egg hunt

Paint a pumpkin

Participate in a holiday-themed scavenger hunt

Participate in an Easter Egg hunt

Participate in the “Boo” Activity

Play apple bobbing

Roast chestnuts

Roast pumpkin seeds

Sip on hot chocolate by the fire

Take a photo with Santa Claus

Take a soothing bath/shower with an autumn-scented candle

Throw a Murder Mystery party

Tour the neighborhoods for holiday decorations

Understand the history of each holiday

Visit a Christmas tree farm

Visit a holiday market

Visit a pumpkin patch

Watch a New Year’s fireworks show

Watch Halloween-themed movies every night in October

Watch the leaves change

Watch the space shuttle launch

Wear a costume for Halloween

Wear comfy Halloween pajamas

Wear matching holiday pajamas with family

Wrap gifts by the fire

Write and mail a letter to Santa

Getaways and Vacations

Embark on a cruise 

Embark on a yacht

Road trip along the United States coastline

Sleep in a capsule hotel

Sleep in a houseboat

Sleep in a teepee

Sleep in an ice hotel

Sleep in an underwater hotel

Stay at a bed and breakfast

Stay in a resort

Stay in an Airbnb

Hiking and Sports


Go ice fishing 

Go on a nature hike

Go on a sunrise/sunset hike

Hike every trail at a state park

Jog a mile in 10 minutes or less

Jog a mile without stopping

Participate and complete a 10k run

Participate in a color run

Participate in a Polar Bear Plunge

Play a friendly game of badminton

Play a friendly game of baseball

Play a friendly game of basketball

Play a friendly game of beach volleyball

Play a friendly game of golf

Spin a basketball on my finger

Landmarks and Attractions

Explore a castle

Explore a ghost town

Explore an abandoned mall

Explore an abandoned waterpark 

Go on a tour of the Conjuring House | Burrillville, Rhode Island, USA

Have fun at a water park

Have fun at an amusement park

Hunt the Northern Lights

See a blowhole

Tour a factory

Tour a farm

Tour a vineyard

Visit a temple

Visit a zoo

Visit an aquarium

Walk across a suspension bridge

Nature and Wildlife

Arrange a Fall bouquet

Bonfire at the beach 

Camp at the beach

Climb to the top of a tree

Cloud gazing

Eskimo roll in a kayak

Explore a cave

Explore a rain forest

Go on a nature hike

Go on a safari

Horseback riding

Hug a Redwood Tree

Jump in a pile of leaves

Milk a cow

Name a star

Name a star for someone I love

Plant a tree

Play in the snow

Relax in a natural hot spring

Release baby turtles into the ocean

See a coral reef

Sleep in a yurt

Sleep in an igloo

Sleep under the stars

Spend an entire day at the beach

Stand under a waterfall


Take an underwater selfie

Visit a butterfly sanctuary

Walk on a black sand beach

Walk on a glacier

Watch the sunrise and the sunset on the same day

Whale watch

Witness a solar eclipse

Recreation and Pastimes

Bamboo rafting


Build a tree house

Climb an indoor rock wall

Collect seashells and/or rocks

Destroy stuff in a rage room


Go-kart racing

Go to summer camp

Hang gliding

Indoor picnic

Indoor skydiving


Jump in a trampoline house

Jump into a pool fully clothed

Jump on a trampoline


Mini Golf

Ocean fishing



Participate in a scavenger hunt

Reach the top of an abandoned lighthouse

Reach the top of an active lighthouse

Ride a mechanical bull

Ride in a submarine

Rope swing into the water

Scuba dive


Skinny dip

Sleep in a tree house

Slide down a firehouse pole

Throw a themed party

Visit a Planetarium

Watch the sunrise in a hot air balloon

Whitewater rafting



Solo and Leap of Faith

Do my work at a café

Eat at a restaurant

Explore a town I’ve never been to before 

Explore my hometown like a tourist

Go to the movie theatre and watch a movie

Have a “Yes Day”

Read a good book at a café

Read a good book at the park

Start a bucket/goals list

Visit a museum

Write a reverse bucket list

Transportation and Devices



Auto Rickshaw (Tuk-Tuk)



Cable Car




Coco Taxi


Drive on the other side of the road

Dune (Beach) Buggy

Electric Bike




Glass Elevator

Golf Buggy (Cart)






Mobile Home





Philippines Tricycle

Sail Boat

School Bus







Suspension Railway

Tandem Bicycle





Two-wheeled Bicycle



Art and Culture

Attend a gallery opening 

Be fluent in my ancestors’ native tongue

Complete a “Paint by Numbers” piece of art

Complete a 30-day doodle challenge

Create handmade holiday cards

Get a Caricature drawing by a street artist

Get a face paint

Get a tattoo

Holiday-themed doodles

Make paper snowflakes

Own an original piece of artwork

Sign up for an art class

Crafts and DIY

Craft an origami animal 

Create a centerpiece for the dining room table

Design a personalized greeting card

DIY a plain T-shirt

Knit a scarf

Make a calendar with photos I took

Make a homemade gift

Make a scented candle from scratch

Make an ornament

Make soap from scratch

Put together a personalized gift

Tie dye a t-shirt

Try finger painting

Work on a pottery wheel

Wrap a present perfectly

Digital Design, Technology, Software

Code a website

Design a bumper sticker

Design a family logo 

Design a piece of jewelry

Design a website

Design my own business cards

Get my first cell phone

Make a font out of my handwriting

No technology for a day

Hobbies and Activities

Build a house of cards

Build a sand snowman

Build a sandcastle

Complete a jigsaw puzzle

Finish a crossword puzzle

Finish a Sudoku puzzle

Get handwriting professionally analyzed

Make a balloon animal

Start a collection

Start a scrapbook

Work on a pottery wheel

Photography and Videography

Capture seasonal photos

Organize a professional holiday-themed family photoshoot 

Take one picture every day for a year

Take photos at a photo booth


Books and Theatre

Act in a school play 

Attend a book signing of a favorite author and get a book signed

Be in the newspaper

Be on the cover of a magazine

Check out books from the local library

Collect all Harry Potter books

Go to a dinner theatre

Join a book club

Read a book before watching the movie

Read a book in one day

Read a book on the New York Best Sellers list

Read a poetry book

Read a self-help book

Read a story to a child

Read a trilogy

Read all the Harry Potter books

Read at least one novel from each popular genre

Read someone’s autobiography

Sign up for a library card

Visit libraries from every place I visit

Festivals, Fairs, Parks

Attend a holiday-themed festival 

Attend a local festival

Attend a local holiday festival

Attend a music festival

Attend a Renaissance Festival

Ride on a Ferris wheel

Ride on a roller coaster

Spend the day at a theme park

Win a stuffed animal at a carnival

Movies and TV Shows

Attend a film premiere

Be an extra in a movie

Be in a commercial

Be on a TV show

Have a holiday-themed movie marathon

See a 3-D movie

See a foreign film

Visit a movie set

Watch a documentary

Watch a movie at a drive-in theatre

Watch all 20th Century Studios featured films

Watch all Academy Award for Best Picture films

Watch all DreamWorks Animation featured films

Watch all Golden Globe Winning Best Pictures

Watch all Marvel-featured films

Watch all Paramount featured films

Watch all Pixar Animation featured films

Watch all Studio Ghibli featured films

Watch all Universal Pictures featured films

Watch all Walt Disney Studios featured films

Watch all Warner Bros featured films

Watch an entire movie series

Watch an entire TV series

Music, Concerts, Podcasts

Attend a concert 

Attend a music festival

See my favorite musical artist live

Sing a karaoke duet

Social Media and Gaming

Play a board game

Create a Youtube channel

Host a game night 

Master a video game

Play a Pinball Machine

Publish a Youtube video

Voice a character in Genshin Impact



Extract honey from a beehive

Have breakfast outdoors

Tour a food factory 

Desserts and Snacks

Bake a dessert 

Build a Gingerbread house

Eat an epic ice cream sundae

Make Caramel Apples 

Make homemade ice-cream

Make Rice Krispy treats

Make Strawberry Shortcake

Try at least 100 different candies

Dining Out

Café hopping 

Eat dinner at a rooftop bar

Eat food from a food truck

Go to a dinner theatre

Leave a 100% tip for a server

Order from a secret menu

Order one of everything from a menu

Drinks and Beverage

Attend a beer festival

Attend a tea-tasting

Attend a wine-tasting

Create latte art 

Create my own cocktail

Drink a bottle of expensive champagne

Drink cocktail

Drink fresh coconut juice

Drink fresh milk from a cow

Drink only water for a week

Drink sake

Drink soju

Drink tea at a tea house

Make a “Spooky” cocktail for Halloween

Make homemade wine

Sip warm apple cider

Taste wine directly from the barrel


Visit a Farmer’s Market

International Cuisines

Learn how to use chopsticks

Try a traditional dish from another country 

Recipes and Cooking

Bake a dish 

Catch, cook, and eat fish

Cook a holiday meal

Cook a meal from every country

Cook all recipes in a cookbook

Cook an entire meal

Cook for someone else

Create a secret family recipe

Create my own recipe

Have a cozy wine and cheese night

Learn how to cook

Make cheese from scratch

Make fresh pasta

Make jam from scratch

Make pizza from scratch

Make sushi

Try caviar

Try fondue


Eco-Living and Minimalism


Fashion and Beauty

Buy a cute outfit at a second-hand store 

Buy a matching bra and panty set

Buy a special birthday outfit

Buy something at a thrift store

Dye my hair rainbow colors

Find my everyday makeup look

Find my signature scent

Get a bikini wax

Get a henna tattoo

Get fitted for a bra

Get lazor hair removal

Get my ears pierced

Get my makeup professionally done

Go on a clothes shopping spree

Have a closet full of clothes I love

Learn how to do a winged eyeliner

Own a branded pair of shoes

Own a customized dress

Own a designer handbag

Relax in a sensory deprivation tank

Shop at my favorite clothing store with no spending limit

Spend the day at a spa

Splurge on a beauty product

Take a mud bath

Try cupping therapy

Try eyebrow threading

Wear a princess ball gown

Wear a wig for the day

Wear contacts

Finances and Budgeting

Be completely debt-free 

Build an emergency fund

Earn six figures per year

Get approved for a credit card

Go an entire month without spending any money (except for essentials and emergencies)

Have a FICO credit score of over 800

Have at least four months of bills in savings

Make a large purchase with cash

Make a will

Open a Goal/Bucket List bank account

Pay off student loans

Prepare my own taxes

Set aside monetary donations to charities

Home and Garden

Build a home in the Philippines 

Build dream home in Saipan, CNMI

Cultivate a scent for my home

Decorate the home for a holiday

Design a room I love

Have a family picture wall

Have a fireplace in the living room

Have a home gym

Have a home theatre

Have a home library similar to the one in the Beauty and the Beast movie

Have a water-park style swimming pool

Have an outdoor oasis

Have an underground survival bunker

Have fresh flowers on the counter for a month

Have my dream bathroom

Have my dream kitchen

Have the ultimate walk-in closet

Make a holiday-themed wreath

Own a big screen TV

Own a home

Own a home with a view of the beach/ocean

Own an amazing outdoor kitchen

Own monogrammed towels

Plant a garden

Visit childhood homes

Go apartment hunting

Live in an apartment

Live on my own


Have my palm read 

Read the entire Bible in one year

Vote in an election

Productivity, Organization, Routines

Digital declutter

Declutter my closet

Pull an all-nighter 


Academics and Skills

Attend a campus event 

Be able to put gas on my own at the gas station

Be able to write with my non-dominant hand organically

Be certified in CPR

Be fluent in my ancestor’s native tongue

Be part of the school newspaper/newsletter

Complete a First-Aid course

Earn a college degree

Get a 4.0 GPA

Get a picture with my school mascot

Get a semester of straight A’s

Go to a school sports game

Go to every class everyday for an entire school year

Graduate from high school

Have a great yearbook picture

Hold a conversation in multiple languages

Join a school club

Learn a new word every day for a month

Learn Archery

Learn astrology

Learn general auto mechanics and repairs

Learn how to juggle

Learn how to knit

Learn how to pick a lock

Learn how to play a piano

Learn how to play an acoustic guitar

Learn how to play chess

Learn how to say common greetings in 10 different languages

Learn how to sing within my octave

Learn how to start a fire without matches

Learn how to surf

Learn how to swim

Learn how to tie a tie

Learn how to use a power tool

Learn military time

Learn the alphabet in sign language

Learn the Heimlich maneuver

Memorize the Periodic Table of Elements

Sign up for an art class

Solve a Rubik’s Cube

Take a class just for fun

Take a self-defense class

Take an IQ test

Whistle with a blade of grass

Whistle with two fingers

Goals and Aspirations

Be a leader in my field 

Become a landlord

Create a piece of art and sell it

Find a career I love

Get paid to travel

Make a career out of a hobby

Own a successful business

Work from home

Inner Child and Soul Healing

Blow bubbles

Fly a kite

Participate in a water balloon fight

Participate in a water gun fight 

Play a game of Twister

Play on a slip-n-slide

Recreate a childhood picture

Run through sprinklers

Milestones and Achievements

Achieve 100 goals in one year

Be a guest speaker 

Be a mentor to someone

Buy my first car

Google search my name and see at least one full page of my content

Pass my driver’s license test

Win an award

Win something

Write a reverse goals list

Writing and Blogging

Be a published author 

Be on the New York Times Bestsellers List

Start a blog

Write a blog post everyday for a month

Write a fictional novel

Write a haiku

Write a poem

Write lyrics for a song


Family, Kids, Pets

Adopt a dog

Be a godmother

Be an auntie 

Beach day with my dog(s)

Do Doga *Dog Yoga)

Dog park with my dog(s)

Get a professionally drawn piece of me and dog(s)

Get a professionally drawn piece of me and my parents

Girls’ weekend with mom

Go shopping together at a dog-friendly store

Grab a Puppuccino at Starbucks

Have dad teach something they’re skilled with or passionate about

Plan and host a family reunion

Professional photoshoot with parents

Ride in a convertible with my dog(s)

Start a family

Stay at a pet-friendly hotel

Teach my dog(s) a trick

Throw my dog(s) a birthday party

Throw my parents a birthday party

Treat my parents to vacations of their dreams

Watch the Puppy Bowl

Friendships and Acquaintances

Be a bridesmaid

Be a maid of honor

Be present at a childbirth

Connect with an out-of-town friend

Have a sleepover at my house

Live with a friend

Meet an online friend in person

Reconnect with a friend from elementary school

Reconnect with a friend from junior high school

Reconnect with an old friend

Reconnect with my very first best friend

Sleep over at a friend’s house

Themed photoshoot with friends

Throw a baby shower for a friend

Throw a bridal shower for a friend

Throw a surprise birthday party for a friend

Dating and Marriage

Adopt a pet together

Amusement Park date

Be in love

Beach date 

Build a home together

Celebrate an LGBTQ+ wedding

Complete a jigsaw puzzle together

Cook together

Create a couple scrapbook

Create a monogram and leave your mark

Create a music playlist of our relationship

Create our signature “couple cocktail”


Dance in the kitchen

Do a couple’s photo session

Do a spaghetti kiss

Dress up in a couple’s costume for Halloween

Fall in love

Get a couple’s massage

Get engaged

Go on a double date

Go on a romantic getaway

Have a tech-free date day

Have my first kiss

Holiday date

Learn each other’s love language

Meet my forever person

Move in together

Picnic and stargaze date

Picnic date

Plan a romantic date

Receive a bouquet of flowers from my forever person

Receive a love letter

Recreate a date from a romance movie

Recreate our first date

Say “I do”

Sleep under the stars

Slow dance

Stargaze on a rooftop

Start a new tradition together

Stay up all night together

Surprise partner with something they love

Talk about our future together

Take the love language quiz with my partner

Visit each other’s hometowns

Volunteer together

Watch each other’s favorite movie

Write a love letter to each other

Write out my and my partner’s love story

Public Figures and General Public

Attend a book signing of a favorite author and get a book signed 

Have a meaningful conversation with a stranger

Meet a blog reader in person

Meet a public figure

Meet my favorite author

Meet my favorite blogger

Meet my favorite musical artist

Pose with a favorite figure at Madame Tussauds wax museum

School and Work

Attend a high school reunion 

Reconnect with a middle school teacher

Reconnect with a primary school teacher

Reconnect with a secondary school teacher

Reconnect with a university teacher


Write a letter to my future self

Write a letter to my past self

Buy flowers for myself 


Fitness and Body Love

Accomplish at least four pull-ups 

Achieve my ideal weight

Be able to do a front and back flip

Be able to do a half moon yoga pose

Be able to do the splits

Get wisdom teeth extracted

Plank for at least 1 minute

Gratitude and Paying It Forward

Complete 100 hours of volunteer work

Do 24 hours of silence

Do a random act of kindness

Donate blood

Donate books 

Donate clothes

Donate hair

Donate toys for the holidays

Give flowers to someone random

Give up my seat to someone else

Help an endangered/injured animal

Help someone check something off their bucket list

Help someone who is lost

Join a beach cleanup

Join a disaster relief effort

Make a positive significant change in someone’s life

Participate in a charity walk

Pay for a stranger’s meal at a restaurant

Serve food at a soup kitchen

Spend the day helping at a nursing home

Spend the day helping at a children’s hospital

Sponsor a child’s wish through the Make-a-Wish Foundation

Start a charity

Volunteer at an animal shelter

Volunteer at an orphanage

Health and Nutrition

Complete a 30-day juice fast 

No fast food for a month

No soda for a month

No sweets for a month

Personal Growth and Development

Be more cultured 

Become more decisive

Dream bigger

Face a fear

Self-Care and Remedies

Enjoy a warm bubble bath 

Get a professional body massage

Solitude and Mindfulness

Be happier

Live a life I love

Write a list of things that make me happy



Be a tourist in my own town

Celebrate a holiday in a different country

Coast-to-coast road trip 

Coast-to-coast train trip

Do a signature pose all over the world

Fly first class

Go on a family vacation

Step foot in all seven continents

Take a trip with dad

Take a trip with mom

Throw a dart at a map and just go

Travel internationally

Vacation solo

Visit 100 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Visit a tourist attraction site in my town

Visit all 50 states

Visit all Disneyland and Disney World locations





Bathe in the Blue Lagoon | Grindavík, Iceland 

Explore the Colosseum | Rome, Italy

Kiss the Blarney Stone in Blarney Castle | Cork City, Ireland

Ride on a Gondola | Venice, Italy

Sistine Chapel | Rome, Italy

Visit the Mona Lisa | The Louvre | Paris, France

North America

Alcatraz Island | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA 

Angel Island State Park | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Baker Beach | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Bamboo Rafting | Martha Brae River | Trelawny Parish, Jamaica

Bamboo Rafting | Rio Grande River | Portland Parish, Jamaica

Bamboo Rafting | White River | Portland Parish, Jamaica

Battery Spencer | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Bay Bridge | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Bernal Heights Park | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Black Sands Beach (Hike) | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Cable Car Ride | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

California Academy of Sciences | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Chichén Itzá | Yucatan Mexico

China Beach | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Chinatown | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Coit Tower | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Conservatory of Flowers | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Crissy Field | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Crissy Field Beach | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Cruise along San Francisco Bay | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

De Young Museum | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Drive down Lombard Street | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Dutch Windmill and Tulip Garden | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Enjoy the city lights at night at Twin Peaks | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Ferry Building | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Fort Mason Center | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Ghirardelli Square | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Golden Gate Bridge | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Grace Cathedral | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Inspiration Point Overlook | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Japanese Tea Garden | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Kirby Cove Beach | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Land’s End Labyrinth (Hike) | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Legion of Honor Museum | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Lincoln Park | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Lincoln Park Steps | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Lombard Street | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Lover’s Lane | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Marin Headlands | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Mission Dolores Park | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Mt Sutro Open Space Preserve | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Muir Woods National Monument | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Ocean Beach | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Palace of Fine Arts | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Sales Force Tower Park | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

San Francisco Botanical Gardens | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

San Francisco Zoo | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Sausalito | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

SF Museum of Modern Art | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Shop at Westfield Mall | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Skystar Ferris Wheel and Music Concourse | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Stow Lake | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Sutro Baths | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

The Embarcadero | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

The Painted Ladies | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

The Wave Organ | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Treasure Island | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Twin Peaks | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Union Square | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Walk along the Golden Gate Bridge | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Walk through Union Square during the Christmas season | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Waterfront Dining | San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA


American Memorial Park | Saipan, CNMI

As Matmos Fishing Cliff | Rota, CNMI 

Banzai Cliff (Hike) | Saipan, CNMI

Banzai Cliff | Saipan, CNMI

Dragon’s Tail Beach (Hike) | Saipan, CNMI

Forbidden Island (Hike) | Saipan, CNMI

Hidden Beach (Hike) | Saipan, CNMI

Honey Comb Cave | Saipan, CNMI

Isley Field | Saipan, CNMI

Jeffrey’s Beach | Saipan, CNMI

Kalabera Cave | Saipan, CNMI

Ladder Beach | Saipan, CNMI

Landing Beach | Saipan, CNMI

LauLau Beach | Saipan, CNMI

l’Chenchon Park Bird Sanctuary | Rota, CNMI

Mañagaha Island | Saipan, CNMI

Mochong Beach | Rota, CNMI

Mount Carmel Cathedral | Saipan, CNMI

Mt. Tapochau | Saipan, CNMI

Walk up Mt. Tapochau on Good Friday

Obyan Beach | Saipan, CNMI

Old Japanese Cannon | Rota, CNMI

Old Man By The Sea (Hike) | Saipan, CNMI

Pak Pak Beach | Saipan, CNMI

Pau Pau Beach | Saipan, CNMI

Pillows Wall | Saipan, CNMI

Pinatang Park | Rota, CNMI

Pizzaria Bar and Grill | Rota, CNMI

San Juan Beach | Saipan, CNMI

Santa Lourdes Shrine | Saipan, CNMI

Sabaneta Caves | Saipan, CNMI

Sound of Music | Saipan, CNMI

Spend the night at Mañagaha Island | Saipan, CNMI

Stargaze at Banzai Cliff | Saipan, CNMI

Sugar King Park | Saipan, CNMI

Suicide Cliff | Saipan, CNMI

Swim at The Grotto | Saipan, CNMI

Taga Latte Stone Quarry | Rota, CNMI

Talafofo Falls (Hike) | Saipan, CNMI

Tank Beach | Saipan, CNMI

Teteto Beach | Rota, CNMI

The Grotto | Saipan, CNMI

The Last Command Post | Saipan, CNMI

The Swimming Hole | Rota, CNMI

Tiana’s Café | Rota, CNMI

Tweksberry Beach Beach | Rota, CNMI

Wing Beach | Saipan, CNMI

South America

See Christ The Redeemer | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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