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31 Goals For Halloween

It’s officially Spooky month and I’m excited to get back into the Halloween spirit!

I used to enjoy the holiday up until I was a teenager. Then, I simply lost interest. I stopped being invested in wearing a costume or going to haunted houses or giving and receiving treats.

The one thing I was still excited about was the Halloween movies. ABC Family’s ’13 Nights of Halloween’ was an exciting part of my childhood, and the experience of it all has stayed with me since then. Granted, I don’t get the opportunity to watch ’13 Nights of Halloween’ anymore (I don’t know if they’re still happening), so I simply look forward to reliving those classics, and new, horror movies wherever they are available to stream from.

Nowadays, Halloween movies aren’t the only things I want to look forward to every October. There are dozens of activities I had wanted to do when I was younger but wasn’t able to, but I am hoping I can experience all of them at least once in my lifetime.

The featured image is an illustration spray-painted and gifted to me by a good friend of mine.

Wicked Halloween Activities


In my opinion, seasonal declutters are always a refreshing healer when welcoming a new season. Autumn may have started on the last week of September, but it’s still early to prepare your home for the upcoming holiday festivities.

When I declutter, I typically do some or all of these: donate or give away belongings I no longer use || rearrange the furniture (some arrangements allow my rooms to look spacier) || change up the sheets and curtains || reorganize my shelves and other containers || deep clean everything

Get spooked at a haunted house

On the last and most memorable visit to a haunted house, I was patted on the back by a man-wolf. I think the person probably saw how terrified I was and felt it better to comfort me than to further instigate fear in me. Since then, I have yet to visit one. Now, I look forward to my next haunted house visit.

Play apple bobbing

I have never played this before, but the movies and tv shows make it look enjoyable, so I want to give it a go. As far as I’ve seen, apple bobbing is when a dozen of whole apples are dropped in a basin or wide bucket of water. The bobbers would then have to get as many apples as they can using only their mouth within a specific amount of time or apples.

Go on a hayride

I don’t think we have hays where I grew up, so I have never done been on a hayride, but it seems relaxingly fun.

Decorate the house

My parents aren’t too fond of Halloween, so we only had the minimum decorations for the holiday. I plan on someday going all out in decorating my entire home and yards to visually feel the Halloween vibe.

Contribute to a cause you admire

Everyone deserves to have an enjoyable holiday season, including Halloween.

Binge-watch Halloween movies

Halloween movies, especially the classic ones, are amazing, and as I’ve mentioned above, have been entertainment enough for me to look forward to doing every Halloween.

Carve or paint a pumpkin

I have never done this either. I have high hopes of experiencing this soon! My artistry on paper is not as great, so I can’t wait to see if I can have some skills with carving.

Have a Halloween-themed game night

I’ve always read and watched about board games, murder mystery games, scavenger hunts, and various activities, such as hide n’ seek, being played in the dark kind of games that I think would be exciting to do during the month-long holiday.

Visit a pumpkin patch

I don’t remember there being any pumpkin patches back in my hometown, so this will also be a new experience for me when I get to actually visit one.

Bake delicious treats & share them with family, friends, and neighbors

I’ve always found them adorable to look at when I go grocery shopping, so once I can get myself an oven, I’m going to go full out in baking and decorating as many Halloween-themed cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and other treats I could think of. And, if they’re as delicious as I imagine them to be in my head, I hope to “boo” my neighbors.

The “boo” activity is apparently leaving little treats and a message to your neighbors (or friends and family) on their front door. Then you’d ring their doorbell, and run away. Even if they don’t answer right away, once they do open their door or arrive home, they get to see their treat and read your “boo” message.

Understand the history of Halloween

I know a little background of Halloween and how it all started, but it would be great to delve a little deeper and learn and understand how Halloween came to be and how others celebrate it around the world.

Gather around a campfire & share ghost stories

I’ve had my fair share of unexplained encounters, as do a couple of my friends. It would be lovely getting to tell them around a campfire with smores and snuggly blankets.

Go through a haunted maze

I’ve seen this online somewhere, but I’m not sure if this is the exact name. It’s similar to a haunted house, only this is done outdoors, and obviously in a maze-like format.

Get comfy in Halloween pajamas

What simple way to celebrate the holiday than to wear comfortable outfits that represent it?

Take a soothing bath with an Autumn scented candle

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s nice to retreat after such long days to the comfort of your bath and be surrounded by one (or a couple) of Autumn scented candles.

Try or make ‘spooky’ cocktails

I’m not too experienced with alcohol, but if there’s something that makes it even more unique and/or intriguing, I’m down for it.

Trick-Or-Treat or give out Halloween candy

I loved the trick-or-treating, and I’m hoping to someday be the one giving out the treats. So, this is half done.

Enjoy an evening stroll around the neighborhood

I love seeing how holiday decorations, especially when they’re displayed outside people’s homes. It truly livens up the holiday and makes it a lot more memorable.

Collect & press Autumn-colored leaves

I don’t know why, but I really want to try this. I think I’m drawn to the aesthetic of it and how lovely they look.

Buy or make a costume

Of all the years I’ve dressed up, I remember being a witch was my most favorite costume of all. As of right now, there’s a certain character I would love to dress up as and I’ve already seen looked at places where their outfit might be available.

Read mystery novels

Sue Grafton’s “alphabet series” is my absolute favorite for mystery novels. I’ve only read about 3 of the novels, but they’ve got me hooked and I look forward to reading all 26 books from the series.

Indulge in Pumpkin-flavored recipes

I’ve tried Pumpkin-flavored drinks and Pumpkin bread from Starbucks, but I don’t think I’ve tried other Pumpkin-flavored recipes…not even the pie. I need to change this soon, shouldn’t I?

Attend a local Halloween event

A fair, a drive-in movie, haunted houses, pumpkin patches, Halloween costume contests, etc. There is bound to be at least one event in the neighborhood or other neighboring cities that I would love to try and experience.

Capture beautiful Halloween or seasonal photos

I mean, anything in Autumn makes for beautiful aesthetic photos, even the perfectly executed shots can make people in costumes look astonishing. I would love to try having family, friends, costumes, and scenery photos captured.

Halloween DIY crafts

Crafting seems endless for the Halloween season – home décor, costumes, props, and even nails can be customized to get into the holiday spirit.

Spend a day volunteering

Cleanups, decorating, giving out candy, being part of the haunted house – volunteering is a fun experience that is something to be proud of being a part of.

Halloween doodles

There are dozens of Halloween-themed doodles to try. I’m practicing more of my drawing skills by doodling ghosts, the cute version of spiders, spider webs, etc.

Create a Halloween-themed music playlist

Listening to this playlist has been getting me more into the Halloween spirit and I love it.

Try or make traditional Halloween dishes

Some of the foods I have been wanting to try are candy and caramel apples, Pumpkin pies, caramel corns, candy corns, and other deliciously looking dishes I see online.

Host a Halloween dinner gathering

Parties are fun, but with my introverted self, I’m more comfortable with a smaller group of people, eating a delicious Halloween dinner, drink a couple of “spooky” cocktails, play some of the Halloween games, watch Halloween movies, give out Halloween candy to those who stop by, and enjoy the comfort of my loved ones.

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What are you most looking forward to this Halloween season?

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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