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7 Tips For Falling Asleep

I love to sleep and learned to appreciate it more in my adulthood. Most times, sleep has mixed feelings about me. I can’t blame it though because its competitor is someone that’s tough to beat (i.e. my thoughts).

Over the years, it’s become more difficult for sleep to come easily, especially when there’s too much going on in my brain that it’s overloading.

This was when I began looking online for tips on how to fall asleep. A lot of them didn’t work for me, and eventually, I began taking note of what does help me venture off to lalaland. Many nights, it takes me about 30 minutes-1 hour to fall asleep, but when I do some or all of these habits, I’m able to cut that time down to 15 minutes or less.

Drifting Off to Sleep


This might be an obvious one, but there have been multiple instances of me falling asleep faster once my body felt comfortable with the temperature. Too hot? Turn on the fan/aircon and face it mostly to me. Too cold? Turn on the heater.


A lot of times, even when my eyes are struggling to open, I wasn’t able to fall asleep because my bladder wanted attention. And I always hated going out to pee once I’m already settled in bed because once I do, it’s going to take me another 10+ minutes to become sleepy again. So, even when I don’t feel the urge to pee yet, I always use the restroom before laying in bed and my bladder hasn’t bothered my sleep since then.

Listen to music or watch a video that’s over 10 minutes long

Normally I need complete silence in order for me to fall asleep. Many times, listening to calming (mostly instrumental) music has helped a great deal. There were also instances that I’d fall asleep to a random Youtube video because the individual talking just has that soothing voice. And I’m not referring to those guided meditation kinds of videos. I’ve tried them, and they actually gave me nightmares when I’d reach REM sleep. I love the chill lifestyle vlogs or the cleaning videos. And I’m not trying to say that their content is boring. I do enjoy watching them. It’s just when I watch them at night, I lull to their voice or background music or sound of their machines and any soft sounds in the videos.

Put phone away from arm’s reach

It doesn’t knock me out right away, but it does help limit any distractions that are keeping my mind awake. Sometimes I’d place my phone behind my mattress too, but I’d have to always remind myself firmly it’s there or I’d go nuts looking for it in the morning.

Avoid napping during the day

This has always been a challenge, especially since I work from home. But since motivating myself to stay awake throughout the day, I would feel exhausted by 9:00 PM. I wouldn’t even drink coffee. Instead, I also try to wash my body in the morning using Aromatherapy body wash to keep me awake. I noticed that the more I physically exert my body throughout the day, I wouldn’t have to use the ‘Sleep’ body wash by night because it’s like the earlier body wash wore off and I’m feeling all of the energy leave my body, thus allowing me to sleep early.

Try Aromatherapy

I’ve mentioned Aromatherapy multiple times in my posts because that’s how much I love them and have experienced them do what they’re formulated to do. So far, Sleep and Stress Relief Aromatherapy body wash from Bath & Body Works (not sponsored) has done wonders in giving me a good night’s sleep. Oh, and the Essential Oil Mists from BBW are also incredible.

Read something

If there are no hardcover books around, there are always online reading apps, such as Wattpad (not sponsored) that I often use to read stories. It helps a lot if the lights are turned off, it’s completely silent, and I’m comfortably lying in bed. If it’s still too distracting, go for articles or stories that you find boring. That’s helped me on some occasions.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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