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A Beautiful Afternoon

With the day progressing

Fairly quickly, I begin

To hear a grumble

In my stomach.

All of my fruits have

Been devoured and

I’m on my fifth bottle

Of water.

Time surely does fly when

You’re having fun.

And I mean it.

I get to spend

Hours every day

Earning financial abundance

While doing the things

I love.

Some days, like today,

Were spent at home,

Focusing on the backend

Of the screen.

Refueling my energy for

The days when I have to

Leave my comfortable

House clothes and explore

The world.

Actually, staying indoors is

What I’d like to call

My more mellow adventures.

And with a futon spread

Across the room, you can

Bet that there are some

Nap times woven among

These adventures.

The grumble returns,

Waking me up from my thoughts.

I pause my activities &

Do my fifth set of stretches for

The day.

I make my way towards

The kitchen in search of

Something to eat

To satisfy the

Ongoing thunder inside me.

Later, I’m back inside

My haven,




A new bowl of fruits next

To me and my water

Bottle filled up once again.

My blinds are halfway shut

So as to not blind myself

From the beams of the sun.

As my fingers type away,

My train of thoughts bursting

With ideas,

I jump at the sudden arms

Wrapping around my


My love.

We both laugh at my

Jittery behavior and that’s

When I notice that

Dark orange hues surrounding

The room.

The realization on my

Face makes my love

Laugh even more. He

Kisses the side of my

Head once he sees my

Blank stare, still trying

To comprehend that I’ve

Been too occupied to

Notice that another day

Is about to be completed.

Nonetheless, after

Shooing my love away,

Who warmingly

Offers to prepare our dinner,

I do the finishing touches

Of my work,


And note down any

Reminders and tasks

For the next day.

I smell something


By the time I shut off

My monitors.

I clean up my space,

Tidy up my little

Sleep adventure nest,

And head towards

The most enticing

Scent of the day.

After letting my love

Know of my excitement for

Our dinner and

Setting up the table,

I put on a warm sweater

And beanie, and make the

Short walk to the beach.

I go to my usual spot,

And sit down on the soft,

White sand.

My bare feet dig their

Way below the sand

As I place my chin on

My folded hands atop

My bent knees.

After a quick look

Towards the setting sun,

I close my eyes and

Breathe in the ocean air.

I take in the warmth of

The orange light in front

Of me and I smile.

It has been a productive

And beautiful afternoon.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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