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A Beautiful Dawn

I feel my alarm buzz

At four in the morning as I

Snuggle deeper into the

Feathery plush of my pillow and

The warm embrace of

The love of my life.

I smile, taking in this

Blissful moment, always

Praying that this isn’t a dream.

As I feel myself succumbing

Back into my dreams, my

Love decides it’s time to kiss

Me on the cheek & hug me

Tighter as he whispers,

‘It’s time to get going, love.’

In his words,

He wants me to shut off

My alarm so that he may

Continue to sleep away.

Yet, I still smile, give

A peck on his lips and

Finally, sit up to turn off

My alarm.

As my vision clears,

I look at the view before me.

A half-moon glows ever so gently.

From my bedroom windows, I see

Its light cascade over the calm

Waves of the beach in front

Of my home.

I turn to see my loving half

Sleeping soundly, peacefully.

I reach over by the lamp atop

The desk beside my bed to

Grab my glass of water

To rejuvenate my body, preparing

It for the day ahead.

My journal and pen comes into

View and I gently pick them up.

For the next couple of minutes,

I reflect,

I write,

I let go.

As I close my journal, I

Take one last glance at my

Now snoring love and shake

My head in amusement.

I rise up out of bed and change

Into my workout clothes.

Early morning workouts

Fuel my body with

The strength it deserves.

Soon I’m in

A soothing shower, welcoming

Today’s renewed energy.

The smell of aromatherapy

Saturates the bath as I

Get lost in the delicate love

My hands reward my body.

Feeling content, I step out

Of the warm water and change

Into a pair of my love’s

Pajama bottoms & tee.

I head towards the kitchen

Where I’m able to witness

A trickle of orange piercing

Above the ocean’s horizon

From my glass door windows.

I smile.

As the sun slowly rises,

I prepare my daily dose of

Morning tea.

With my lovely mug in

Hand, I make my way out

To the patio overlooking

The beach and horizon, and

Take a seat.

Just in time.

The streets are humming;

The waves are stirring;

and life is singing.

The sun is halfway awakened

As I take my first sip.

Seconds later, the presence

Of my love joins me with his

Daily dose of morning coffee

In hand.

A sweet kiss on the cheek,

A little shuffle to the side of

Our lounge chair and

I’m snuggling with him

As we watch the sun & moon

Fulfill their destiny.

This is, indeed,

A beautiful dawn.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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