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A Beautiful Night

I was wandering through

A beautiful flowery field.



Sunflowers –

My favorites are

Amongst the millions

Of colorful gems

That surround me.

My smile radiates

With happiness

And gratitude.

Just as I was about

To take a step towards

The other flowers, I

Feel the ground shake

Beneath me.

Before I could hit the

Ground, I jerk awake

And find me in the arms

Of my love.

He was carrying me towards

Our home.

I hadn’t realized that my

Little rendezvous with the

Sunset lulled me to


Sensing my gaze on him,

My love kisses my

Forehead and felt

It was necessary to

Gently scold me for the

Thousandth time about

Catching a cold if I constantly

Nap by the ocean at sunset.

Smiling, I wrap my arms

Around his neck and snuggle

Deeper into his chest.

He sighs in defeat,

Knowing that my stubbornness

Is included with my

Entire being.

And in his mind,

He wouldn’t have it

Any other way.

As we reach the landing

Of our patio,

I smell a delicious

Gourmet of heaven.

My eyes glow in

Excitement for this

Feast about to be

Devoured by two

Food lovers.

As we consume our

Dinner, we converse

About our days.

I love hearing him

Go over how his day

Went – the excitement

In his eyes about

Doing what he loves

Makes me fall deeper

For him every day.

His mind is a boundless

Realm of

Creative and innovative

Ideas. The way

He speaks about

His colleagues –

A leader full of

Admiration and belief

In his team. That

They can go above

And beyond what

The world expects

Of them.

We continue our

Dinner, making

Some banter

Every now and then.

Afterward, we

Clean up

And make our way

Towards our living

Room couch.

Ah, I forget.

Can’t have our movie

Routine without a

Couple of sweets,

Mainly chocolate,

For my

Beloved sweet tooth.

Once my treasure

Is safe in my arms,

I join him on our

Couch as he looks

For our movie of the night.

Tonight’s genre is


Supernatural horror.

As per our deal,

He will only watch

Horror as long as he

Gets to hold me tight

In his arms.



Do I mind?

Absolutely not.

A little over two

Hours later,

His hands are

Tangled in my

Hair, lips fighting

For dominance,

Skin hot against

Each other’s as we

Wash away the day’s


Our love reaching

Euphoria as our

Souls become one

In the


As life prepares

Itself for the next

Day, I focus on

The love and happiness

I feel at this very moment.

Not just with the presence

Of my love,

But with the presence

Of living.

Not all days consist

Of a similar routine.

Not all days are





But for each day that

I get to breathe in

The presence of

Reaching my goals,

Spiritually and mentally






And sharing

These adventures

And comfortable

Lifestyle with those

I love dearly,

Every day is a

Perfect day.

Just as tonight is

A beautiful night.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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