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An Answered Prayer

When I lived in the big city for the first time, I was on my own and had to learn how to increase awareness and handle responsibilities as an adult and student.

I thought I would’ve been frightened to tackle this situation, but I managed to stay strong and vigilant.

Throughout my experience of newfound independence, I felt like I didn’t have time to worry about my safety and health as much as my studies because my daily routine mainly consisted of eating, sleeping, designing.

Little did I know that my silent prayers amidst my routine were being heard and answered.

Every day I’d pray to be kept safe and guarded. I’d pray to have a strong body and healthy immunity. I’d pray to have the strength to persevere and create the best designs I’m capable of.

I’d pray.

Back then, I just always thought I was lucky and that it was wholly my fire and determination to survive that kept me going. But, I soon realized that it was (and still is) actually about 90% of my fire and determination.

The other 10%? My answered prayers.

I’d walk alone to and from school, during crowded times, and the dead of night. But, I rarely felt scared. Every time I’d walk, I’d just always have this feeling that I was being protected and someone was walking right with me. It’s as if it was scaring the enemies away and making sure I safely reached my room and school.

I lived in a studio apartment with a fire escape that allowed anyone to pass and easily break into my window. But, I was able to peacefully sleep at night, enjoy the fresh air during the day, and my room was never broken into nor did anyone in the building bother me or made me feel scared.

My meals weren’t exactly the most healthful, and I’d often skip too. But, I managed to get my work done and have extra strength to keep my room clean, shop for groceries, and other household chores. I got a fever only once, and, even then I was able to conquer it and avoid having any trips to the hospital.

Sometimes when we think that the things we pray for didn’t come true, we have to take a closer look at the big picture.

At any one of my experiences above, I could have easily been kidnapped, robbed, or seriously ill… at the very least. I could have gotten physically hurt or experience other things that are shown in crime shows.

But, I’m still here now. I’m still able to walk the streets, improve my eating habits, and I crave to live on my own again.

Prayers have helped me multiple times throughout my life. Of course, some have never been answered, but then again, unanswered prayers are technically still answered, aren’t they?

To this day, I turn to pray. The main difference is that I include more prayers that give gratitude to everything I’ve been going through. I give thanks to all of my past prayers and express appreciation towards surprise blessings.

And today, I pray to express how eternally grateful I am for praying.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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