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Creating A Vision Board

Hello, New Year!

A new year means…

Stronger passions

A clearer vision of dreams and goals

More self-growth, self-love & self-healing

Strength to forgive and move forward

Overcoming new obstacles and learning from them

Creating positive memories

One of the best ways to receive blessings in the physical is to plant the seeds in our subconscious through visualization. My favorite way of doing this is by creating a vision board.

What are Vision Boards?

A vision board is a physical or digitalized visualization tool that helps us clarify and focus on things that matter to us by displaying images of anything and everything we want to be, feel, do, and achieve in life. These images are goals related to personal growth, relationships, health, career & finances, home, travel, creativity, and health.

Humans are often so busy making a living that we often forget to live life, and sometimes we just need that daily reminder to pursue things that ignite our soul’s true callings. Creating a vision board(s) helps us hone in on our goals, reinforce our daily affirmations, and remind us of what we’re striving for.

For example, when we have a goal of wanting to travel, how could we describe this goal to someone else? Sure, the simple answer is “everywhere.” But, the universe doesn’t exactly work this way because deep down, we both know that there are certain places, scenes, and experiences we’d love to focus on and achieve first. Vision boards help clarify what exactly travel means to us and focus on the places that are more in alignment with the current time and energy.

There are dozens of ways to create a vision board. Physical ones are best placed somewhere we’ll always have access to, most likely, on our desk or hung on the wall in front of us. Images for these kinds of boards are typically pasted from paper cutouts from magazines or printed photos from the Internet. Digitalized ones work just as great as they can be stored as our computer or phone’s wallpaper. Photos are taken from the Internet.

Also, we should do our best to go through our days, and don’t place too much focus on thinking about our vision board and when things are going to manifest in our life. Creating a vision board for a specific year doesn’t entirely mean that we’ll be receiving everything on that board that same year. Some things may take more time than others and may arrive in ways we hadn’t originally planned.

Remain patient and believe that what’s ours and what we’ve envisioned are on their way to us, and will arrive at the perfect timing.

How I Create My Vision Boards

I personally do my vision boards online as I have them set as my wallpapers for both my phone and laptop, two gadgets I look at the most throughout my day, every day. I gather about 70-100 photos from Pinterest (saved to private boards) and then make a collage out of them on Canva.

To remain consistent with my example above, I will be focusing on what I envision my travel life to be like and the kind of photos I use.

For some, their travel vision board may lean towards trying foods from different places. For others, it may be physical traveling by plane, car, train, or boat to different cities, states, continents, or countries.

I love both.

I used to just have sceneries of places I wanted to visit, but then I began incorporating photos of friends in such beautiful sceneries, looking happy, blissful, and content. I incorporated activities we can do in those places, as well as gathered aesthetically pleasing shots. Unless I desire to go to specific places, I emphasize my boards on the emotions I want to feel while I’m traveling, and the people I’d love to experience these places with.

Another must be having quotes and affirmations on my vision boards. I read them every morning after waking up, at least once throughout the day, and then once more before going to sleep. These quotes work wonders in keeping my mind focused and passionate about my goals.

One last thing: if you do your boards on Pinterest, there is an option to add a description to your board. In the description, I typically write affirmations of how I envision my year to be and keep my sentences in the present tense to further strengthen my visions and goals.

There are tons of other ways to create a vision board. They are around to help make the impossible possible and in the most positive way. Create a vision board that best works for you.

No matter what any year may bring, I sincerely hope you receive an abundance of happiness, achievements, love, and health.

Remember that you are the creator of your own life and only you have the power to manifest all your dreams into reality.

Stay safe,

Stay healthy,

Stay humble,

Be kind.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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