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Eight Life-Changing Habits

As human beings, we strive for what we want in life. We make sacrifices to reach our goals. We step out of our comfort zones in order to level up. These are all important actions to think about if we want to be at a certain level of happiness and abundance.

However, I think many of us forget one of the most important, and maybe even the first, step we have to do in order to reach them.

And that’s working on our daily habits.

From getting enough sleep and waking up earlier in the day to switching up our meal intakes, our habits essentially make or break how we get to where we want to be. Negative habits are difficult to break, but so is the passion to accomplish all that we desire.

Which one is worth cutting the cord?

Life-Changing Habits I Adapted


An instructor of mine once said that unless we’re daydreaming about our goals and our future, we need to be in the present moment. This year, I’ve put this advice into action by being in more control of my thoughts. Although I still daydream about being a badass detective in the FBI, I began focusing extra on imagining the future that I aim to achieve – feelings and images of happiness, security, and abundance. By enabling this mindset, I was able to focus more on my goals and get a lot more going throughout my day.


Up until last year, whenever I’d want to release feelings of annoyance, anger, or stress, the first thing I do is rant about my situation to my parents and close friends. I had no filter, and my emotions were on high alert, making me say things I wouldn’t have said if I’d had just taken the time to calm down, write out my thoughts and feelings, and keep them to myself first. If the situation still bothered me and I really want to talk about it with someone, at least I’m able to talk to them with a calmer and clearer headspace. This year, I’ve learned to take moments to reflect and cool down before hitting send or opening my mouth. I went even further to have a journal where I’d write down thoughts that were bothering me, as well as my state of emotions whenever I’m feeling down. A couple of minutes later, I always feel lighter and those thoughts and feelings no longer bothered me. Of course, I slip sometimes and hit send, but I’d often feel well enough to delete the message before the recipient is able to read them.


I never realized how important it is to move my body as often as possible throughout the day, every day. Back in SF, I was able to get some walking done every day, and so I didn’t feel much shift in my body. This year, I found myself being completely out of breath when I’d go out walking even just for five minutes when I’ve been stagnant for a day or two. So, I’ve been doing my best to do yoga at least three times weekly, and sometimes when I’d just be watching movies, I’d lay on my bed with my legs propped against the wall where I can then move them every now and then instead of simply lying flat on the bed or idly sitting down. Doing these has always helped me with my breathing, posture, and back pains.


Drinking at least glasses of water throughout your day is important, and I’m working on keeping myself hydrated as much as possible. Having my first drink of water right after I wake up has significantly improved my energy levels throughout the day, and the dryness in my throat thanks me a lot for this as well. Every night, I make sure to have a bottle of water by my bed for quick and easy access when I wake up.


I am the queen of overthinking things. I hesitate a lot and often think of everything that could go wrong with every decision I have to make. This year, I was inspired by a beloved Youtuber whose life motto was ‘oh well’ instead of ‘what if.’ With this in mind, I began gaining more confidence to just go for things without having to worry too much about the results because if I don’t do them, I’m always going to be stuck wondering what could be. And even if I fail at certain things, I’d be forever grateful that at least I tried, I went for it, and I have a clearer understanding of which direction I should be trying out next. The only loss we have in this life is if we don’t try at all.


By doing this, you’re helping program your mind and energy to accept and receive happiness and abundance into your life. What we see and think are what we’ll eventually become. So, when you surround yourself with laughter and gratitude, you’ll constantly be in that energy of light and humility. What I focused on this year was surrounding myself with positive quotes, photos, and entertainment. On social media, I follow accounts that bring me laughter, knowledge, and passion. I’m actually barely even on social media nowadays and only focus on chatting platforms, such as Messenger, to keep in touch with family and friends. I also avoided being invested in the news and drama channels, and instead focus more on the good that’s still around.


Being consistent doesn’t necessarily mean having to do the exact same things at the exact same times. Being consistent means doing things – big or small, challenging, or effortless – every day that are in alignment with your goals. I was greatly tested on this when I did my 30-day writing challenge last month, and after completing it, I finally understood how powerful it is to be consistent with everything I do in my life. It feels amazing being able to achieve goals and milestones that I’ve set out for myself, even if little to none is watching. It helps me live more in the present, be incredibly productive, and put my passion to work.


I think of the quote, “don’t make mountains out of molehills” when I practice this habit. I try to think if something is worth exerting energy and negative feelings to keep in my thoughts and energy. If something really does bother me, I do my best to write it down or talk to someone about it (peep ‘write down feelings and thoughts’ habit above). When I release the little things that tend to bother me, I often feel less bothered and it’s quicker for me to move forward with my day and focus on my goals.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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