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What better way to write this post than to write it during the evening – which is exactly what I’m doing right now.

I used to never truly pay attention to evenings. I would consider it only as the time frame where I get to wind down, get some extra studying done, and then sleep.

Evenings were basically my “lazy” time of day – kind of still actually. But, nowadays, I refer to it as my recharging time of day as I find it incredibly difficult to stay focused and not have my eyes wander off and my mind begin to count sheep.

It’s as if this is my body’s way of reminding me to slow things down now that part of the world that’s entering the evening time zone is slowing down.

I mean, writing this post now is already taking a lot out of me.

Maybe I’m just getting too old to enjoy the nightlife, even though my nightlife typically consists of cozying beneath my blanket in my pajamas, and watching the latest TV series I’m hooked on, and right now it’s Naruto Shippuden.

This post is meant to be in a more serious tone, but I can’t help it when my mind is not in the mood to be serious at night. So, I shall see where my mind drifts off from here.

Evenings are okay in my books. I used to look forward to them because my parents and I would sit down and watch our favorite Teleseryes (Filipino Drama Shows) each night, a.k.a moments where we get to spend time together.

What I absolutely love about evenings is the sky – the moon and the stars. Oh gosh, I could spend hours just laying outside during the night and stargazing. I adore the full moon, especially when it glows brightly in the night sky. I always hope to enjoy the nightlife away from the bustling noises of cars and bright lights from buildings. Living in the city helped me realize this.

I haven’t experienced this yet, but it looks extremely soothing and magical in photos and movies – evening baths. I can just imagine being able to cool down after a long, tiring day to my aromatherapy body wash and scented candles surrounding the bathtub with my eyes closed. It would be a 110% chef’s kiss.

It’s taken me a while to realize how important evenings are, and that they’re not just around to make sure we get our 6-8 hours of sleep every night.

I love that I get to spend my evenings relaxing and unwinding, whether watching a movie or TV show, listening to music, reading, spending moments with my loved ones, or stargazing.

And I’m eternally grateful for these beautiful nights.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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