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Forbidden | Endings And Beginnings


What makes forbidden things tauntingly desirable?

Is it the thrill?

The curiosity?

The risks?

Could it be this ghostly pride to achieve it while everyone else is afraid or would rather not do so?

I am guilty of wanting forbidden things;

Envisioning forbidden thoughts.

Is it still bad if I had never actually acted upon them?

Sometimes I think that it can’t be helped where our mind wanders off to.

It can’t be helped.

But the question still stands…why do we want them in the first place?

And what exactly constitutes the term, ‘forbidden?’

Referring to the emotional aspect of this topic…

What makes certain things allowed, while others are…not allowed?

Why does it feel good when we act upon “bad” things…

And then get frowned upon by the same people who have most likely thought of similar things.

Humans are funny creatures.


There is no sense in denying that many of us have committed such a sinful desire.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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