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Fruitful Habits To Practice Daily

I used to coincide habits with distractions, with activities I can simply do for fun without worry or concern on how right or perfect I’m doing them.

I thought lightly of habits.

It wasn’t until I began my journey of the self that I learned and understood that habits are also helpful ways to improve my life.

Not really knowing what I was doing, I began incorporating multiple habits at a time and expected results with the snap of a finger. And, of course, the results were not what I expected them to be during the certain period I thought I would see results.

I ended up slowing things down and focused on certain habits one day at a time, such as waking up by 5:00 AM. If I wanted to be successful with this habit, I knew I had to give up its counter-habit – sleeping late.

Starting a habit is easy. Staying focused on the habit is challenging. Studies are showing that it takes between 60-100 days for a habit to become part of our everyday routine. For the most part, I found my experience to be around that frame, some even shorter. It took a lot of willpower from me because I knew that if I even skip one day, there’s a high chance I would think that it’s okay to skip for multiple days until I no longer have the motivation to stick to those habits.

Nonetheless, here are 10 habits that I have experienced positive, life-changing results once I’ve practiced them enough to be part of my everyday routine.

Experience A Sweeter Lifestyle Through These Habits

Start your day as early as possible

The earliest I’ve started my day was at 4:30 AM, and those are the days that I felt the greatest amount of accomplishment and tranquility. I was able to get about a third of my tasks for the day done by around 8 AM, allowing for a bit of leeway throughout my schedule for some daydreaming or other random things that aren’t on my task list.

Make the bed


Say some affirmations

Smile to myself in front of the mirror


Express gratitude

Avoid social media for at least 30 minutes after waking up

Move your body

I do my best to do some physical body movement early on so that I can get it done at the coolest part of the day. Since I work from home and physical education is not a part of my regularly scheduled program, I had to improvise and find ways to give my body the strength and fitness it needs to function healthily.

I always thought I had to go to the gym and do some heavy cardio workout to get my body physically healthy, but I learned there are many other ways I can achieve such a goal.



Jump Rope

Jogging / Running



Walking Your Pet



Lifting Weights

Invest in self-care

Self-care was one of the most important tasks I truly had to get used to, and once I did, I made it a priority to give my mind and body the care they need at least once a week. I observed that when I would spend extra time taking care of myself, my mood lifts up and I feel more motivated and inspired to go about my day and handle my tasks in a brighter and fresher attitude and mindset.

I began taking care of my emotional and spiritual being of the mind and body at least one day a week, and I love feeling physically and emotionally good about myself.

Bubble bath with candles

Forgive yourself

Watch the sunset or sunrise

Write a list of things that make you happy

Have an at-home spa day (with facial masks, manicures, pedicures, etc.)

Take yourself on a date

Read a book on a rainy day

Have a solo dance party

Do something you love

Dress up in a favorite outfit you barely wear

Play with makeup


Yoga / Stretch

Catch up on sleep

Hug a loved one

Play with pets

Make a list of blessings you’re grateful for


Prioritize your tasks for the day

Prioritizing my tasks has happily allowed me to complete them either ahead or on time of schedule. By doing this, I am also able to set aside tasks that are not as time-sensitive as the others and allocate them to be part of my de-stress tasks where I can spend just as enough time on them as the prioritized ones.

When prioritizing tasks, it helps to…

Set a daily goal

Focus on one task at a time

Keep the calendar updated

Silence emails for at least one hour

Take breaks in between

“Do now” instead of “Do later” (at least with the simpler tasks, such as washing the dishes, folding the clothes, etc.)

Be kinder to yourself

I have always struggled with this, and still currently struggling with this. It’s definitely one of the more challenging habits to take on, especially since it is wildly known that humans are functioned to be our own harshest critics. Nonetheless, during the moments where I welcomed self-kindness, I was able to calm my anxiety and release any tension in my body.

Enjoy “me” time

Set boundaries

Celebrate any and all accomplishments

Forgive yourself and others

Treat yourself

Remind yourself of your good qualities

Embrace your imperfections

Believe in yourself and your dreams

Focus on you

Express gratitude

Improve your diet

I used to struggle with my diet, and what really helped was to take things slowly and focus on one change at a time. At first, my body felt weak because it was adapting to the different intakes, but it eventually got used to it and I had never felt this much healthy in a long time.

Drink more water

Eat home-made meals

Reduce sugar intake

More greens and fresh fruits

Less rice at night

Eat smaller portions of food 6x a day

Make time for hobbies

Hobbies are amazing. Not only do I learn new skills, but I get to unwind from work even for just a couple of minutes each day and do something that may or may not be in my comfort zone. I remember taking cooking seriously last year and I loved being able to cook for my loved ones and seeing that they also enjoy the food. I am still far from being a chef, but I’m proud of myself for taking this on.











Find inspiration

Finding inspiration doesn’t have to be as complicated if we open our minds to all the possibilities. The easiest and most often fastest way I’m able to find inspiration is by watching movies. Movies not only inspire me about what I could write about, but the characters’ motivation often inspires me to keep going with my own goals. Inspiration is definitely an ongoing battle, especially for creative artists. I’m constantly on writer’s block, and when ideas come in, I have to get them down as fast as possible before they disappear. I’ve learned to allow inspiration to flow through me even through the least expected ways.

Spend time with like-minded people whom you want to learn from

Have a random conversation with a stranger

Read a book

Watch a movie or TV show

Listen to a genre of music you don’t normally listen to

Visit a cafe or museum

People watch

Sleep (inspiration may come in the forms of dreams)

Take pictures of things you see throughout your day that made you smile

Ask for help

Asking for help is often hard for me as I often think that I’m bothering others. Oftentimes, I do try to handle things on my own. Occasionally, I’d ask for feedback from my closest friends. But what I’ve learned is that sometimes the help I need isn’t exactly about my work. Oftentimes, I just need someone who will listen to my struggles, fears, and doubts. Bonus points if they give helpful advice, but allowing me to let out my emotions during tough times allows me to go back on track with my work.

Talk to a close friend

Ask for constructive criticism

Have someone listen

The warmth from the sun

Trees in the park

Cuddle with a pet

Be patient with yourself

“My time to shine will come at the right moment” is what I often remind myself, especially when I’m feeling down. Life doesn’t know the time, and if I’m constantly focused on achieving this and that at X age or by a certain year, I’m not focused on the goals themselves, aren’t I? I believe that I am at the right place in my life right now, and everything that happens happens for a reason. I just need to believe in the now, believe in my goals, believe in my abilities, and believe in myself.

Patience in oneself is creating space to…

Focus on progress, not perfection

Make thoughtful decisions

Listen to others attentively

Create and build prospering relationships

Be more accepting and understanding

Let's chat!

What are some habits that have changed your life for the better?

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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