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Get Ready For More Adventures, Resting Period

Resting Period,

You were brought out of hibernation when the pandemic hit, and you’ve been around longer than anticipated. Oddly enough, it’s definitely time for you to go back into hibernation and get some rest yourself.

You were needed much more than I could’ve expected, and I’m eternally grateful that I can always count on you to show up whenever I consciously or subconsciously call out to you. You can see, and most especially feel, things that I merely disguise as distractions for too long, and in this last round, you scolded me like a mother scolding her children when she’s obviously worried for their well-being.

Thank you.

You literally slowed time down and allowed me to experience what it’s like not worrying about the days ahead. You helped me listen to the delicate whispers in my head that were always overshadowed by the screaming curtains of the past.

You showed me new worlds that shifted the images in my head that were painfully impossible to grasp, to visions that align more with my soul, tapping me on the shoulder and letting me know that these visions are the ones I crave and will be able to hold and keep in the physical world.

Thank you.

Granted, Resting Period, I did become more of a hermit crab in my shell because of your lingering presence, and there are many instances where I completely forget how to interact with living beings, but it’s alright. I know I will always have this awkward presence that others may pick up when they are near me, and it’s one of the things I learned to love about myself. Unfortunately, I do have to work on putting sentences together more fluidly to at least have some form of proper conversation with others so as to form bonds with others along with expanding my brand even bigger. So this will be something I do have to keep in mind and work on.

Resting Period, you’ll be going back to hibernation real soon, especially with the pace of my upcoming lifestyle. I’m already seeing changes because of how others around me are living their lives. I’m being motivated more each day to reevaluate my daily tasks and how I go about them.

It’s quite exciting, isn’t it? I mean, I’ve already been hoping for a change in pace for months now, and I think this is it.

So, get ready for more adventures, Resting Period.

There could be coffee and all-nighters again when things pick up. Plus, there might be tears of skipping nap times, but with the latest visions in my head, I can feel that it’ll all be worth it.

Challenges will hit us, but I promise to take everything you’ve taught me and handle them with patience, understanding, an open mind, and strong willpower to keep moving forward.

You’ve done a lot for me, especially during these last two years, Resting Period. It’s your turn to take a step back, close your eyes, and recharge. Your presence in this world is now on vacation mode, and I hope to see you next when I’m on vacation in Bali or Italy or Tokyo.

*Day 26 of 30 Letters In 30 Days – Your Current Lifestyle

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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