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Gifts are great.

One of my fondest memories in gift-giving is shopping and wrapping gifts during the Christmas season with my mom to give out to our close friends and family. As I grew older, I got more and more excited about giving to people than receiving from others. I enjoy seeing their faces light up whenever they’d unwrap their gifts and witnessing their smile become wider, letting me know they love what they received.

And, as much as I enjoy giving and receiving physical gifts, there are tons of other gifts I’ve come to appreciate even more throughout the years. Many of them have made themselves known throughout my writings.

Out of all the gifts I received up until now, my …

Self-Growth || Mornings || Accomplishments || Favorite Treasure || Senses || Favorite Memory || Rejections || Self-Compassion || Comfort || Life Lessons || Future Events || Beautiful Things || Books || Hobbies || Home || Meals || Opportunities || Biggest Challenge || Happy News || Compliments || Admiration for A Whole New World by Lea Salonga & Brad Kane || Nature || Freedom || Answered Prayers || Giving || Body || Evenings || Magical Universe

Are beyond anything I could have ever hoped and wished to have in my life.

And, in addition to these are the gifts of…









Money and material possessions come and go, many within the snap of a finger.

But the greatest gifts we have in life do not always have to have a price tag – the most valuable ones are priceless.

Gifts are great, and with everything I’ve received in life, my greatest gift of all is being able to live it.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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