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I’ll Always Believe In Magic, Harry Potter

About 20 years ago, I was taken to a world full of magic, witchcraft, and wizardry – a world that changed how I view the magic that surrounds me.


You were born from the creative mind of a brilliant author, and throughout the years of reading about your adventures and watching them come to life, you’ve managed to capture the hearts of millions of wizards and sorcerers around the globe.

Your world is unlike any other, and it was difficult having to leave as your story continued to unfold.

You’ve experienced being an orphan whose family mistreats and isolates you from a young wizard who was known as “the boy who lived.” You were living an ordinary but tough life until a gentle giant who gifted you your first birthday cake and whose umbrella can spit fire, came along and introduced you to something you didn’t know was a part of your heritage and essentially a part of your future.

“You’re a wizard, Harry” – and a powerful one at that.

Your adventures, as corny as this may sound, bring a lot of meaning into my life. I mean, not only were you walking through walls, participating in quidditch matches, and escaping near-death situations, but you met some of the most important people of your life who introduced you to a world of curiosity, courage, dedication, and leadership.

Although you experienced loss and heartache, Harry, you allowed these emotions to fuel the passion within your heart to protect everyone and everything until your very last breath. It is the fire throughout your soul that has undoubtedly strived to weaken and eventually eliminate the darkness that has plagued your world for generations.

Alas, you were surrounded by people who mocked you, doubted you, harmed you; but most especially, people who care for you, support you, protect you, cherish you, and love you. It is the latter group of people who make the first group feel like tiny bumps along the way.

Harry, having “watched” you grow up for the 10 years that you were actively around, I feel like I was a part of your world, and I felt at my happiest. It’s not every day I see a dining hall as majestic as The Great Hall, witness ghosts casually wandering around making conversations with students, experience the thrill of riding a broomstick, or enjoy going to class even more to learn about potions and spells.

My world may not literally be as magical as yours, Harry, yet instead, you’ve introduced me to a different kind of magic. This magic cannot be seen. It doesn’t need a wand. Or incantations. It doesn’t require ingredients to be mixed together in a cauldron. Nope. Actually, this magic can be obtained by everyone so long as they’re willing to practice it.

This magic is best called upon and released through feelings, thoughts, or a bit of both.

Others may have their own name for it, but the word that describes this type of magic in my life is BELIEVING.

Believing that I am the kind of person who can achieve X, Y, and Z. Believing that everything I am and everything I do manifests into my reality. Believing that my words make a difference. Believing that I am capable; that I am confident; that I am loved; that I am knowledgeable; that I am growing and understanding and healing more and more each day.

And I’ll forever believe in magic, Harry.

*Day 25 of 30 Letters In 30 Days – Your Favorite Fictional Character

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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