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Throughout my life, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to eat and drink a variety of foods and drinks. As far as I know, I do not have an allergy to any kinds of food. I thank my parents for allowing me to eat a variety of food as I was growing up, thus providing strength for my stomach to enjoy the many delicacies from around the world.

Although I mostly drink water, green tea, and orange juice, I’m grateful for the moments when I can drink soda (particularly Sprite, Root Beer, and Pepsi), boba, wine (a must), milk, coffee (the bottled Starbucks kind), and other flavors of juice (Hi-C is a childhood favorite ‘till now).

I enjoy meals that are strong in taste, meals that aren’t too flavorful, spicy meals (though for now, I can’t handle the noodles from the Spicy Noodle Challenge), soups, sweets (obviously), noodles, fried food, grilled food, barbecue (boy do I miss the island’s BBQ), fruits, and vegetables (I’m working on this).

Below are photos of a couple of my food ventures that I’m eternally grateful to have experienced, and I’m excited about all the other foods and drinks I’ll be fortunate to try in the future.

Whether my meals come from 5-star restaurants or my home stove,

I am blessed each and every day for having something to munch on, even if it’s the same repeated things I eat, and for being able to fuel my mind and body with the energy they need to keep me strong and motivated.

No matter how tough life gets, I, at least, have the opportunity to feed my body the nutrients it needs to survive.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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