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Monthly Highlights | February 2021

February hasn’t been my favorite month of the year…and we’re only two months in, so this says a lot.

Long story short, a domino effect happened throughout the month, and I faced challenges I didn’t expect to happen. As I’m writing this post, everything has settled down and I’m feeling much better, stronger, and more grateful than ever for having overcome the challenges that occurred throughout the month. I’m blessed to have family and friends to provide strength and support, as well as my stuffed animals who provided me comfort and safety every day and night.


Streaming service(s) might change from the time of writing this post due to the services’ contract with the movie/TV show networks.


This is actually my fifth time watching the series, at least up to season 7 as I stopped watching the later seasons when I read that Shemar Moore (Derek Morgan) and Thomas Gibson (Aaron Hotchner) left the show. Other than that bit of information, I’ve always loved crime shows and I don’t think I’d ever get tired of re-watching ones that I’ve once been invested in. This month happened to be Criminal Minds. The actors, I feel, have great chemistry both on and off-set. While many of the crimes portrayed are pretty gruesome, I find it interesting and knowledgeable to see how the cases are solved by analyzing criminal behavior and patterns.

Maturity Rating: TV-14 • Genre: Crime, Mystery • Original Language: English • Streaming Service: Hulu, Paramount+

모범형사 (THE GOOD DETECTIVE) (2020-2022) | 2 SEASONS, 32 EPISODES

Apparently, crime shows are what greatly helped me throughout the month as The Good Detective is, you guessed it, a crime show. What I loved about this one is that it focused on one crime throughout the series, so it was interesting to see how the case progressed with each episode. I do wish the show included more backstories with the main characters, but I also understand that the writers wanted to focus more on the crime itself. I also appreciated that it didn’t go on the usual route of everyone having a happy ending. There were moments that I wished had ended differently, but realistically, I kind of understood why certain decisions had to be made. The Good Detective puts an appealing take on the mindsets of detectives and how they use their unique skills to solve a case as challenging as the one they worked on.

Maturity Rating: TV-MA • Genre: Crime, Drama• Original Language: Korean • Streaming Service: Netflix


MASTERPIECE. I’ve been looking forward to their album since they first announced their comeback, and I’m so glad that it’s finally here. I miss hearing them sing together. I like that the album has a collection of different sounds, and there’s no denying that they have some of the best vocals in the music industry. Anyway, it’s still taking me some time to get into their title track, Don’t Call Me. I do find it catchy and I like the music video though. My favorite song out of this album is Kind. I relate to the message a lot and find it comforting in a way. I also have Body Rhythm, I Really Want You, Kiss Kiss, and Marry You on repeat.


Vitamin C

This isn’t a product promotion, but I just want to give acknowledgment to essentially what’s kept my immune system working hard throughout the years. This is in big thanks to the Vitamin C that I’ve been taking. I’ve only been sick three times since I began taking it, and I feel that it’s been a big support for my immune system.



  • Moving forward with more determination and passion;
  • Returning to my writing roots;
  • Seeing new, better days;
  • Having supportive, uplifting, and understanding family and friends;
  • Getting a lot of rest and gaining strength back.

A gratitude list does not have to include major life events (but include them when they do happen). Simple blessings, such as showering with clean water, are overlooked privileges to be grateful for.

Incorporate or reserve at least 10 minutes of your daily routine to write at least three (3) things you are grateful for.

We all need a good reminder to keep our feet on the ground.

“Whatever is happening in your life, don’t pre-occupy yourself with the question why, but rather ponder more on to where these events will be bringing you. Know you are being led to somewhere beautiful, beyond your present harsh reality. Once you get to the WHERE, then you’ll know the WHY. Trust the process.” –Unknown

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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