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Monthly Highlights | October 2022

October 2022 was something else.

This month was the roughest I’ve had all year to the point when I can’t even remember many of the good things that happened throughout the month because the bad completely took over my psyche.

This post was supposed to go up on October 29, but I am still writing this post on November 16. I think it’s mainly because I wanted to avoid having to remember what happened in October and I was thinking of not writing anything at all, but I have a planned schedule for my posts, and I wanted to stick to it.

One of the most heartbreaking situations that happened was during the morning of October 28, my dog, Garfield, went missing. He’s been a part of our family for eight years, and I love him like he was my own kid/sibling. He is very sassy and intelligent in his own way. When I first came back to Saipan, he hated my guts. He growled at me every time he saw me. But throughout the months, I kept trying to win his love, and eventually, I did. It was to the point where he would come up to my side of the car door and greet me, and he always loved being petted before eating his meals.

Okay, I don’t think I can continue writing about him. I am bawling my eyes out remembering him.

If you’re currently in Saipan, I am kindly asking for your help in being on the lookout for my dog (pictured above). He was last seen in Fina Sisu Village with the white and blue-collar seen in the photo. If you see him, please contact me on any of my social media platforms.

It’s been 2.5 weeks since we last saw him, but I still pray that he’s out there alive somewhere and that he will come home soon.

Please come home, buddy. We still have lots of adventures I want you to experience, and lots of hugs and love I want to give you.





  • Receiving advice from a friend’s mom;
  • Waking up each day;
  • Healing from my allergic reaction;
  • Eight wonderful years with my dog, Garfield;
  • Making it through each day.

A gratitude list does not have to include major life events (but include them when they do happen). Simple blessings, such as showering with clean water, are overlooked privileges to be grateful for.

Incorporate or reserve at least 10 minutes of your daily routine to write at least three (3) things you are grateful for.

We all need a good reminder to keep our feet on the ground.

“After all this time? Always.” –Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape, Harry Potter

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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