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Moonlight | Endings And Beginnings


I used to be afraid of it because of the Moon Goddess.

She knows all of my secrets, no matter how hard I try to hide them from her.

Destruction follows her from time to time, and we don’t often know when she’ll strike next.

However, in some strange twist of fate, I was no longer afraid of her and the light that she shines.

In my darkest days, I began looking up at her light.

It gave me hope and strength to keep going, and whenever I’m out at night, I search for it and feel relaxed whenever I see it close by.

I never realized how beautiful the moonlight is.

I was always more focused on the sun because, for a long time, the sun had always been more of a symbol of bright energy and new beginnings.

Little did I know that the moon also possesses powerful gifts, gifts that are meant to face and heal the shadow side of ourselves – the side that we often want to suppress for validated reasons.

I guess I kept running from the moonlight for so long because I was one of the biggest scaredy-cats of all time.

The moment I took the time to face the moon, I realized that it never wanted to hurt or expose me to the world.

It only wanted me to do some self-reflection and heal and grow from anything that I’m not proud of or would like to change about myself.


From the day I stopped running away and looked at it, I closed many chapters and started many more new ones.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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