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My Favorite Bloggers

I’ve officially been blogging for a little over two years now, and I wouldn’t have even begun this journey if it weren’t for these incredible, inspiring bloggers!

The Bloggers Who Inspire Me

The very first blog I became an avid reader of is Local Adventurer, a travel blog founded by Esther and Jacob. Hundreds of things on my goal (bucket) list come from their website, and I admire what they stand for when they do their traveling: “to practice finding adventure in our every day and open our eyes to the awe and wonder like our visitors do.”

They cover hundreds of bucket list ideas such as activities to do and foods to try in certain cities, festivals and events from all around the world and special dates on when to visit. They also provide guides for first-timer experiences.

I also had the pleasure of interacting with Esther and Jacob online and, even though we didn’t exactly interact for long, I found them to be one of the kindest people I had the pleasure of communicating with.

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Tulip & Sage is a lifestyle blog founded by Amanda. I discovered this blog as I was searching through some affirmations I needed for my own personal reference, and I fell in love with a lot of her other posts. I feel like I’ve found a safe space online when I would read her words. There’s just something about her site that’s calming and assuring that everything is going to be okay.

Amanda covers topics on affirmations, recipes, personal growth, home, and physical wellness.

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Another travel blog favorite is The Blonde Abroad, founded by Kiki! What I love about her blog is that she expands on the bucket list ideas to creating itineraries for each city she’s visited, tips on traveling with credit card points, and touching on some lifestyle guides as well, such as decorating the house for Halloween and hacks for a healthier hair.

Her website was also a huge inspiration for how I designed my site. I love the creativity she puts not only across her site but in her posts as well.

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Lauren Elizabeth Inc. is another lifestyle blog founded by Lauren Elizabeth. I admire her blog for how down-to-earth her posts are. I love that she literally writes about the things that go on in her life as if they were her own personal journal entries.

Other than lifestyle, Lauren also covers topics relating to wellness, fashion, and beauty.

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Who are some of your favorite bloggers and why?

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