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My First Tweet

I was looking at my Twitter account and noticed that, in about 12 years of being active on this social media site, I have tweeted out over 9,000 tweets.

As I was scrolling through some of my old tweets, I discovered how open I used to be with my thoughts, feelings, and actions. And as the years went on, it was like I just became afraid of what I would say or tweet about in fear of being judged by others.

Sometimes I miss how Twitter used to be.

I remember having the account when the site was practically still a baby. It was more of an online diary to me than anything else and I just felt like I wouldn’t get judged for whatever I sent out.

(Unfortunately, that became less and less over time.)

Nonetheless, my curiosity wanted to remember what my first ever tweet was, and how my first year of tweeting went.

I created my first Twitter account in September 2009, when I was 14 years old.

Let’s see how my mindset has changed throughout the years, if it has.


If you’re interested in looking back at your old tweets, or your very first one, here is a way to do so:

1. Use Twitter on the desktopI tried using the app, but it wasn’t working for me.

2. Search something random on the search bar.

3. On the search results page, click on the three horizontal dots next to the search bar.

4. Select “Advanced Search.”

5. On the popup, scroll down to the “Accounts” section – Type in your username in the “From these accounts” section.

6. Scroll all the way down to “Dates” and input the dates of the tweets you’re searching for.

7. The search results page will land first on “Top”Switch to “Latest,” and scroll all the way down until you reach the very first tweet you tweeted.

My First Tweet Of


“School was better today than yesterday XD”

Oh boy.

This was my first tweet, ever.

It was the beginning of my sophomore year, and I honestly don’t remember why or how this day was better than the day before.

Two days later, I tweeted my second tweet: “I survived my first week of school! ;D”

I think my first tweet was in relation to having to introduce myself for every class the day prior, and that was one thing I absolutely disliked doing. It could be why that second day was much better because we moved past the whole introductions.

I’d go with this theory.

If something else did happen for me to not like the previous day, then I’m glad I don’t remember it.


"It's finally 2010:) Happy New Year's everyone! &Advance to the ones still celebrating New Year's Eve."

I wonder why I was so excited for it to be 2010. 

The year consisted of me entering the last semester of my sophomore year and the first semester of my junior year. 

I remember loving the entirety of 11th grade, but I don’t remember if there was something exciting during the last half of 10th grade.

Nonetheless, I hoped 2010 was a great year.



Oh man, that double excitement “emoji.”

I was beginning to think my first tweets each year would be a New Year’s greeting (spoiler: it’s not).


"Last day for Christmas Break....didn't feel like a break at all though. -___-"

Emojis back then were the best, aha.

This was during senior year. I’m assuming this was the start of school breaks not actually being breaks due to the number of assignments we were given.


"Happy New Year everyone:))"

It’s always exciting welcoming the New Year.

And I clearly enjoyed welcoming it with others.


I included two tweets here because the first one was technically my first tweet of the year, and it has been my first tweet for a couple of years after.

The first tweet was one of those automatic tweets that I allowed access from a horoscope website because I was very much into horoscopes back then. It would tweet out my daily horoscope and I used to enjoy reading them.

In the second tweet, I was entering the last semester of my second year of community college. This was when it was getting sort of tougher into classes because they filled up fast.


"Can never get tired of watching @HarryPotterFilm s ^^"

True statement forever and ever.


"My goal this year, and every year after, is to be genuinely happy."

And it’s happening, dear.


"Longest semester break everrrrrrr"

This was during my first year at art school. I was used to semester breaks being about two weeks in length, and this was the first time I experienced a break that was about one month long.

I was very happy about this.


"Adulting can be so tiring"

*Solemnly nods head in agreement*


"I'll get this done today. #TheLiesWeAllTellOurselves"

Who else remembers hashtags that allow users to respond to them like these?

I loved these hashtags, and I remember answering almost all of those that showed up on the trending page.

It was a fun way to spend leisure time, release thoughts, and see what others answered and retweet them.


"So...someone actually got into my account from GU. Hello to you stranger if you're still here. Apologies to everyone if my account does something weird."

First time I ever got hacked.

I was still in California, so I don’t think there was any chance for me to suddenly log in from Guam, especially since I’m already logged in with all of my devices as well.

I changed my password as soon as I received the alert.

Also, “ritzbitzcookie” was my old handle name.


"Rainy weather"

It was rare for me to experience rain in the states, so it was always a treat to experience this type of weather.


"About to have a Studio Ghibli movies marathon"

I was ecstatic to finally get to watch the highly respected Studio Ghibli films. And they didn’t disappoint, for the most part.

I’m currently rewatching them and I still adore many of them.

Let's chat!

What do you typically tweet about, if you have a Twitter account?

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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