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My Home

I’ve been living in the same house for over a year now, and although it hasn’t exactly felt like a home to me, I’m grateful for the opportunity to live in a spacious place.

In this house, there is a

Roof over my head.

A comfortable bed to sleep in.

Carpets to keep my feet warm.

A restroom to stay hygienic.

Clean water to shower

And drink.

Electricity to give me light, heat,

And power.

A kitchen to cook.

Enough indoor space to

Move around.

A bedroom window to see the sunrise

& hear life beyond these walls.

Enough outdoor space to

Enjoy the fresh air.

A garage to store my additional

Luggage and belongings.

This house may not be a home,

But it provides more than

Enough features to meet

My everyday needs.

This house may not be a home,

But I can sleep peacefully and

Safely each night.

This house may not be a home,

But it shelters me from

Harsh weather and

Danger lurking outside.

This house may not be a home,

But I am grateful for living in it.

A home...

For a long time, I believed

That home was everything

That I mentioned above.

But it isn’t.

A home is much more than

What the structure can physically


A home has a family.

A home is full of sounds

From laughter and


A home is decorated

With photos of personal

Memories and intriguing


A home has sunlight covering

Spaces of every room &

Provides warmth.

A home evokes feelings of








And Family.

When given the opportunity,

Live in a home.

“The house that you live in don’t make it a home.” – Alessia Cara, “I Choose”

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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