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100 Things That Make Me Happy

With all the darkness that happened in my personal life last month, it was difficult to want to see brighter days ahead. If this had happened years ago, I would’ve fallen even further into more dangerous territories of my mind, and wouldn’t have bounced back for months.

I didn’t want this to happen again.

So, one day, instead of thinking of everything that happened, and everything that might happen in the future, I sat down and made a list.

With them, I look forward to brighter and better days. I feel inspired, motivated, empowered. I feel like I’m connecting with my inner child and soul. I feel healed and grateful that they are part of who I am, what I do, and what I aim to accomplish. I feel safe. I feel comforted. I feel calm. I feel like myself.

These are 100 things, people, and experiences that make me genuinely smile and feel happy.

My Happy List

1. Spending moments with my family and close friends.
2. Bonding with my dog.
3. Beach days.
4. Watching the sunrise and sunset.
5. Accomplishing a long-term goal.
6. Getting ahead of tasks.
7. Gifting my parents the things they need & want.
8. Feeling understood.
9. Improving a skill/hobby.
10. Harry Potter.
11. K-Pop.
12. Cuddling.
13. Helping someone in need.
14. Watching people help animals.
15. Socks with cute/funny graphics.
16. FOOD.
17. Chocolate. (Deserves its own spot on the list.)
18. Smooth, healthy skin.
19. Understanding foreign movies/shows conversations without subtitles.
20. Knowing I’ve made a difference to someone.
21. Talking to my parents.
22. Overcoming challenging situations.
23. Sunlight.
24. Treating myself to something I’ve always wanted.
25. Giving & receiving advice.
26. Having deep, meaningful conversations.
27. Cool & windy weather.
28. Lyrics & quotes that accurately portray what I’m feeling.
29. Birthdays.
30. Yoga.
31. Hiking.
32. Butterflies.
33. Anime.
34. Water.
35. Amusement parks.
36. Comedy films.
37. Crime shows.
38. Starry nights.
39. YouTubers/Streamers
40. Blowing & playing with bubbles.
41. Aromatherapy scents.
42. Scent of the breeze during rainy weather.
43. Stuffed animals.
44. Seeing my friends follow their passions.
45. & accomplishing their goals.
46. Wearing oversized hoodies and sweaters.
47. Personalized gifts.
48. Sketching / Doodling.
49. Road trips.
50. Adventures.
51. Being surrounded by nature.
52. Freshly washed sheets.
53. A clean & comforting home.
54. Seeing my visions come to life.
55. My safety blanket.
56. Baby’s laughter.
57. Overcoming a fear.
58. Sarcasm.
59. Seeing someone smile.
60. Making people laugh.
61. Being trusted with a secret.
62. Cloud watching.
63. Abstract.
64. Giving meaningful gifts.
65. Sandra Bullock movies.
66. Astronomy.
67. Waking up early & having peaceful mornings.
68. Spirituality.
69. Seeing a full moon.
70. Listening to people with accents talk.
71. Fictional stories.
72. People who stand out from the crowd.
73. Eyeliner.
74. Blue.
75. Glow in the dark objects.
76. Organizing & decluttering my digital & physical items.
77. Passionate & creative people.
78. Bullet journaling.
79. Stationery.
80. Drawing on the pavement with colorful chalks.
81. Flower gardens.
82. Successfully cooking a delicious recipe.
83. Letting go of people & situations that are no longer part of my journey.
84. Watching exploration videos.
85. Wrapped-in-thick-blanket weather.
86. Scented candles.
87. Tank tops & pajama bottoms.
88. Seeing my loved ones’ excited/happy reactions when they open a gift from me.
89. Random dance moments.
90. Photos I’ve taken.
91. Having conversations with toddlers & children.
92. Paying off all of my bills for the month.
93. Holiday / random greeting cards.
94. Someone remembering tiny things I’ve said or done.
95. Naps.
96. Memorabilia.
97. My music playlists.
98. Riding a bike.
99. Being in the present moment.
100. Writing.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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