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Nine Touching Events & News

2020 wasn’t a good year, but good things still happened.

I understand that there are hundreds of moving and happy news that occurred throughout the year, and I’m so grateful that the light was never fully covered by the darkness.

For this post, I’d like to emphasize videos and articles that caught my attention throughout the year and inspired me to keep moving forward. These were things I saw on my Youtube subscriber’s list, friend shares, and the Twitter trending page.

Events That Moved Me in 2020

We’ll start off light and hilarious with JC’s Christmas-themed stream. JC is a youtuber, streamer, and creator of Tixxo. I thought it was very sweet of JC to spend hours of his day donating as much as he can to strangers. Plus, I was laughing and smiling throughout his video.

Yes, I had to include another stream of JC’s because his is the only one I’ve been binging for about the last two weeks. In this stream, he gave back to a bunch of his supporters by giving out gifts and gift cards, as well as video chatting with them for a bit.

I love Big Time Rush. I grew up watching their TV show and listening to their music. I teared up when I first saw this reunion video of my absolute favorite song of theirs. I thought it was incredibly touching and nostalgic.

I love seeing things like this. I love seeing people turn negative situations into positive ones, and that they were able to do so in a safe and creative way.

I thought this was very touching and inspiring. I love reading news of families coming together after all the obstacles they went through.

I also enjoyed reading news of things that started out as a hobby or nothing serious, but then develops into an inspirational movement.

“Sometimes, I’d feel restless watching my friends go on far ahead of me. And attempting to keep up with their speed would only leave me breathless. I soon realized that their pace was not my own.” -Kim Seok-Jin

I originally read news about an endangered species no longer being endangered, but I can’t remember which one it was exactly, so I thought I’d just look for an article that includes a multitude of species that are no longer endangered. Living species are beautifully intriguing, and I love that we get to live in a world with that’s completely diverse. Granted, there are dozens that are dangerous and deadly, and I probably wouldn’t get within 1000 feet from them. But, I do love reading stories of animals no longer being endangered and that their species get to live on.


There’s no specific article for this because there are hundreds of them that happened this year. It inspires me that through hardships, communities put everything aside, come together, and help one another out through entertainment, donations, or comfort. Every human being, and living creatures, who has shown and acted selflessly, with love and care, and out of pure intentions to bring hope during challenging times, as well as those who are always moving forward, are the light that’s shining at the end of every tunnel.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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