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Something Beautiful

When we think of the word “beautiful,” the idea that often automatically comes to mind is physical beauty. We admire the visuals of people, nature, art, fashion, and even the things we purchase.

And that’s not a bad thing.

However, there is at least one other idea of beauty that I’ve been appreciating a lot more lately – conversations.

Deep, meaningful conversations.

Ever since high school, I found myself drawn to conversations that dug deep into philosophy, personal goals, human nature, the world, fears, and other topics that go beyond what we had for lunch.

Don’t get me wrong, what we had for lunch or what we plan on shopping for during an upcoming sale is still interesting, and I don’t mind having those kinds of conversations because everyone still needs lighthearted conversations in order for our energies and emotions to stay balanced and healthy.

I feel rejuvenated when my friends and I talk about the hows and whys of the universe and our own souls. Through these conversations, I’m expanding my mind to an abundance of possibilities and viewpoints. I love listening to how someone else views a topic, especially when they see things differently than I do.

Life wouldn’t be as exciting if everyone had the same thoughts and opinions but do be respectful when expressing a differing opinion from someone else.

It’s interesting seeing the emotions in someone’s eyes when discussing a topic they’re passionate about. Whether they express happiness, sadness, or anger, the emotions we all feel when expressing our deepest thoughts and emotions are real and validated. Sometimes we don’t think clearly in the heat of the moment, and that’s when someone else’s input comes in handy and is prepared to be there for them.

I get excited when I have a conversation with someone for the first time and randomly spit out facts about life or something deep, and I end up being in awe after hearing their mind speak. I’d think, “Oh, wow. I never saw it that way before. Interesting.” And with genuine fascination.

I may not always agree with the opinions and thoughts of others, but putting aside deeper factors of a conversational topic, someone’s opinions and thoughts are their own. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with someone else’s opinions, even if they’re our closest friend(s).

I took a Philosophy class before, and my instructor would always ask us to express our thoughts about the topic we’re currently covering in class. I’d always disliked it, especially since it was a critical thinking class. I had to say something “smart” and “profound” in order to impress my instructor and gain agreement from the rest of the class. I was always afraid of saying something “stupid” or “nonsense.” In reality, everything and anything I think about the topics we discuss is much more appreciated and exciting because each and every one of our brains thinks differently.

If everyone was serving the same food on the table, we’d all be tired of it. That’s an analogy for you.

I love deep, meaningful conversations.

I love having them with my friends, strangers, grandparents, parents, and oftentimes, kids. I typically get mind-blown when kids say things that not many kids their age, and especially those older than them, think or have forgotten about.

Deep, meaningful conversations are just as beautiful as sunrises, blue eyes, Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings, and Lee Min Ho.

And I’m eternally grateful for experiencing them.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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