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Supernatural Experiences I’ve Personally Encountered

What better way to celebrate spooky month than with spooky stories?

And by stories, I’m talking about real-life supernatural encounters.

I’ve always believed in the supernatural, more so when I experienced them for myself.

Fortunately, I have not experienced many of them, and the ones that I did were peaceful, and I was pretty much left alone.

And for the most part, I actually felt more curious and intrigued than scared, and that the supernatural events were caused by friendly beings who were joking around or having fun.

My Spooky Encounters


In this first encounter, I actually didn’t remember myself. I was informed of it by my older friends who were around when it happened.

This event took place when I was probably 10 years old (or younger), and I was at a friend’s family home with my mom. I was upstairs by myself, and she was downstairs with our family friends. At some point, I came downstairs and told my mom that a little girl was asking me to play with her and I wanted to get permission.

She was confused because there were only two other houses on that street, and as far as she knew, the other two houses had no little girl living there.

My mom followed me upstairs to see who wanted to play with me, and when we went to the door, there was no little girl around.


I still remember this experience so vividly because it was the first time I was completely puzzled by it.

It happened at my single-story house in DanDan when I was in junior high.

There was a massive Taotaomona tree a couple of feet from us. (I’ve always been more surprised at the lack of supernatural activities that could’ve happened throughout my 10 years of living in that house.)

For those who are unfamiliar with Taotaomona trees, they are essentially believed to be the spirits of ancestors of the people from the Mariana Islands.

One day, while I was folding clothes, I had both of my bedroom windows open. One window was facing directly where the Taotaomona tree was, whereas the other window was facing our front yard. While I was folding, I took a glance towards the side window where I saw a guy walking by it. I hurriedly put what I was folding down and looked outside the side window.

I didn’t see anyone.

I rushed to look out the window facing our front yard and saw no one either.

I was flabbergasted.

There was no way that someone could disappear that fast especially when our front yard was pretty big, and I would have had a chance to see him still walking through it when I looked. And we were also in a gated property, so he couldn’t have easily slipped away to the sides.

Also, I knew there was no one else on the property that day, nor did I know of anyone who looked like him in our neighborhood.

He had tanned skin, had black hair, was built, clean-shaven, and…shirtless. I do not know if he was in his birthday suit because my window only caught down to his waist. When he passed by, he was only looking forward, so I didn’t get a chance to see his full facial features as well.

I kept my side window open every now and then since that day, but whoever he was, that day was the first and last time I ever saw him.


This encounter literally happened this month of this year.

It happened in our current residence in Fina Sisu, and even though there are no Taotaomona trees within our area, we are still pretty much surrounded by trees. We also have two other neighbors on the property.

It was an early Sunday morning, everyone was still asleep except me. I wanted to get a head start in doing some cleaning outside of our house, and I wanted to do it before the sun was really high up in the sky.

While I was outside, I began hearing pots and plates clanking from our kitchen.

I figured it was my mom, and I was actually waiting for her to come outside and see what I was doing as she often did that whenever she was home and heard me doing stuff outside.

But, she never came.

So I assumed my mom was busy preparing breakfast, and I just kept on doing what I was doing.

The clanking of plates continued for about five more minutes.

When I came back inside the house after about 30 minutes, there was no one in the kitchen and there seemed to not be any meals that were being prepared.

I checked on my parents and saw that they were both still sleeping.

At this point, I was still glazing over the idea that something else was going on and thought my mom had just gone back to sleep after preparing a cup of coffee or something.

When she woke up, I asked if she was cooking something earlier, and she told me she thought it was me because, as I saw, she had just woken up.

And we both looked at each other trying to put some reality into what happened.

The sounds of plates and cookware were obvious, and it was obvious that they were coming from our kitchen.

Whoever visited our home and wanted to cook, we thank them for paying us a visit and we hope they continue their journey peacefully.


This last encounter is by far my favorite supernatural experience I’ve ever witnessed in a sense that, to this day, I still can’t believe it happened.

It happened back in 2015/2016 when I and three other friends were hiking to the infamous Old Man By The Sea.

It was the first time going there for me and one other friend, but one of my other friends had been there before and knew the trail, so she was our guide.

A couple of minutes into the hike, we stumbled upon an open field.

I can remember this so vividly.

There was tall grass everywhere. To our right was a wooden fence, but the field seemed endless and disappeared into large trees.

To the left were more trees, but there was a tiny path. And in the middle of that path, there was a giant cow lying down, staring right at us.

And when we looked back from where we came from, it was as if the path had seemed to vanish.

My friend, the one guiding us, began feeling confused because, from her memory, she knew there was supposed to be a clear path in front of us. At this point, I began getting worried, but because my friend remained calm, I think it helped me remain calm as well.

We stayed in the open space for about 5-10 minutes, just looking around. I didn’t want to venture too far because I didn’t know the area and I didn’t want to get more lost.

My friend eventually went to an open area near the cow, and she was able to find another way through.

We were delighted.

After that, there were no other hiccups during our hike and we found our way to the Old Man By The Sea.

When we were heading back to our cars, we reached the space that got us stuck at the beginning of the hike, and the entire place looked different.

For one, we were on the path that my friend knew was supposed to be around and we saw the path continuing its way out. Second, the fence was gone, and the open space seemed to be a lot smaller. Lastly, the cow was also gone.

We looked around and couldn’t believe that this was the same area we were in just an hour ago and it looked completely different.

After our bewilderment, we made our way out of there and figured we could just talk about what happened when we reached the safety of our cars and the road.

Eventually, we concluded that the forest spirits were playing around with us. I know it’s hard for many people to believe, but coming from the islands, it’s pretty easy to do so.

Before my friend found that extra path, she told us she was giving a silent prayer to her guides and asking for their help.

I haven’t hiked to Old Man By The Sea since that day, and it’s not because the events frightened me to the core. It’s just that I’ve been off the island, and it’s been challenging finding similar schedules for us friends to go on that hike again.

Also, I can’t believe that I only managed to take the photo that you see above, and didn’t think to capture one of the actual old man rocks.

Let's Chat!

What’s the most memorable supernatural activity you’ve experienced in your life, if any?

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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