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50 Ways to Say ‘I Love You’

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I think that Valentine’s Day is a sweet holiday to remind us to shower not only our romantic partner with love, appreciation, and gratitude, but to also give similar love and appreciation towards our family, close friends, and most importantly, ourselves.

Similar to other holidays, everyone should give and receive the same amount of love, appreciation, and gratitude throughout the year – not just during this one day.

And, in addition to everything else I believe in life, actions speak louder than words. I no longer take many words to heart and would mostly pay attention to what people do about them.

As Steve Maraboli once said:

Everything is easier said than done.

Wanting something is easy.

Saying something is easy.

The challenge and the reward are in the doing.

So, moving forward, every now and then, let’s not only express our love to those we love with three words; let’s reach far beyond the stars and moon and show them how much those three words truly mean.

'I Love You...'

Be patient, especially when they’re going through a tough day.

Watch their favorite TV show/movie with them.

Pack their favorite snack / treat, include sweet notes / messages, and place it in their bag.

Take them to your favorite places together throughout the week.

Handwrite a heartfelt letter.

Communicate honestly and respectfully with each other.

Write out 365 things you love about them into separate pieces of paper, place them in a jar or box, and have them open one piece every day for the next year.

Spend a “lazy day” together.

Break a routine and go on a random date.

Help them out with any project or task they’re currently working on.

Cook a favorite meal of theirs.

Help them be aware of, understand, and learn from their mistakes.

Sketch or paint a portrait of them.

If their first language is different from yours, write or say how you truly feel about them in their native language.

Place sticky notes around your home with words or messages of love, support, and appreciation towards them.

Have a tiny surprise waiting for them at their office desk, such as a corny joke written on a sticky note or bouquet of flowers.

Frame your favorite photo(s) together.

Allow them to rant out how they’ve been doing, and genuinely listen through all of it. If you have any advice to offer, wait until they’re done expressing their thoughts and emotions.

Turn your home into a little vacation get-a-way resort and escape reality for a bit.

Send them messages of compliments throughout the day.

Let them in. You may do all you can for others, but another way to let them know that you care about them is by being vulnerable yourself.

Get them that one thing they’ve been wanting.

Give them a massage.

Random kisses throughout the day.

Sing their favorite song to them (even if you think your voice isn’t that good).

Gratefully express what an amazing person they are to your friends and family.

Fully listen to and consider their suggestion(s) before making a decision, especially one that will affect others involved.

Create a scrapbook of all of your favorite memories together.

Participate in at least one activity they love, even if you don’t particularly enjoy or are good at it.

Listen to and understand their past.

Learn to play their favorite song on an instrument.

Give them your full attention when having serious conversations.

Show them your support on things they are passionate about.

Order their favorite fast-food meal/drink exactly as they love it.

Make jokes to make them genuinely smile and/or laugh.

Watch the sunrise and/or sunset together.

Give them hugs throughout the day/week.

Plant or get them their favorite flower.

If you miss a call or reply late, genuinely apologize and explain what happened. If you’re still not able to further get back to them, let them know that you’ll contact them in X minutes or at X time.

Show them how special and unique they are to you, and that no one compares to the happiness and serenity they bring to your life.

Plan and execute a little getaway together.

Get or make them something customized, such as a mug, pillow, or jewelry.

If long distance, or away on a trip, message or call them at least once a day to inform them of your well-being and adventures.

Celebrate any big or small accomplishments together.

Come with up cute, unique nicknames for each other.

Send them good morning / good night messages.

Bring out your inner child and spend the day being kids.

Pay attention to their silent gestures because they can also say so much more. Ask them if they’re okay and that you’re there if you need someone to comfort or listen to you.

Help around the house even without saying anything.

Simply hold each other and embrace the feeling of having one another in your lives.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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