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A Magical Universe

Throughout everything we’ve experienced in life, no matter how logical or realistic, there’s no doubt that magic exists all around and within us. In the physical world, our minds and hands work passionately for what we desire through determination and physical productivity. Our hearts and souls work with just as much strength and wisdom in the ethereal realm through faith and courage.

Everything we do, see, and believe in life is magic.

Although the world itself is made out of solid rock, nothing in life is set in stone. We each have our own destiny, but even we have the power to change where we want our life to journey towards. We have the power to change who we were last year, last month, last week, yesterday, and a couple of minutes ago.

We have the power to draw without paper and color outside the lines.

The universe listens and though it may not always provide the thing we want, it always grants us what we need. These needs come mainly in the form of blessings or lessons, and I’ve learned that these instances happen to help us learn and grow.

We may not see air, but we believe it exists because we feel it all around us.

Faith… hope. We don’t see them either, but we know they exist because we feel them within ourselves. In our darkest moments or greatest triumphs, we often close our eyes and listen for miracles. We look for the magic that comes out when we seek them the most because they are our first strength to keep pushing us forward.

Magic is abundant for every living being.

If we were to be jealous of someone, be jealous of who we were when we completed our own personal goals. If we were to feel a lack of something in our lives, feel a lack of gratitude in ourselves. If we were to let our ego take over us, let our compassion engulf us. Everything we have and will ever need comes from our very core. We may ask for guidance along the way, but it is up to us to make that homerun.

Nothing is ever too big or too small for us to tackle, and a door closes only if we close it ourselves.

When we’re rejected, magic protects us and leads us toward new roads that will give us more happiness and love. When we fall once, twice, or ten times, magic is telling us that there are better ways to handle certain situations and signaling that we should keep our minds open to other opportunities and solutions. When we make mistakes, magic is reminding us that we’re human and that it’s okay to cry and be frustrated.

The world is our playground, and it is up to us to feel the magic it holds.

As soon as we release our doubts, fears, and worries, we escape the mirage that the dark places upon us. And we learn to embrace the happiness and love and peace and family and friends and gratitude and adventures within and around us.

We can’t predict the unknown.

Nor should we try to control what hasn’t happened yet. This is why many of us fear it. However, the unknown brings another type of magic – the magic of living in the present. The past is done, and we’ve experienced and learned, healed, and grown from it. The future is still coming and we’re going to focus on the next two steps in front of us, and not the entire staircase at once because we will eventually get to the top at the right moment.

Magic is tricky. Magic is silent.

But, we’re living in a magical universe.

And I’m eternally grateful for the magic I possess.

PS – As a fun tidbit, this is my 123rd post. 123 is considered an angel number, and it’s a number I personally associate myself with regarding my journey. I love it when things are in alignment.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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