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Autumn Releasing | 40 Activities To Harvest During Autumn Season

As much as I’d love to gush about experiencing the change of seasons every year of my life, I’ve actually experienced only two seasons growing up: rainy (July – November) and dry (December – June). Of course, we’d go through fall, spring, and summer; but they’re not as picturesque as most other places that get to experience them, with winter being completely out of the picture.

Going to San Francisco for the first time in autumn, I finally got to experience this lovely season and I’m glad that I was able to feel its warmth and understand its meaning even more.

As we exit the season of sun-kissed Summer, we enter the season of Autumn releasing. This is the season to reflect and let go of old habits, unwanted memories, and people who no longer align with our energy. It is the season to shed the old us and embrace the newfound experiences and knowledge about the world and about ourselves.

Holidays to Celebrate During the Season

40 Activities to Harvest During Autumn Season

I can’t be the only one who has wondered what it’s like to jump in a pile of leaves. Will the excitement that people on TV have to be similar to that of real life?

I’ve been into making pies lately, without needing to bake them. I wonder if I can get away with this one if I can make a pumpkin pie without baking. Is it possible?

I’ve had a couple of opportunities to visit one before, but I don’t know why never went. I believe in timing and maybe there’s a reason why my experience of visiting a pumpkin patch hasn’t arrived yet.

I was so close to doing this as well, but I was worried about finances and I couldn’t afford to spend on something I necessarily didn’t need. One day though, one day.

I’ve attended multiple fairs and festivals in the past, but not one dedicated to the season. The rides and vendors may be the same, but I think the energy and vibe make it a special experience.

We can drink hot chocolate while we’re at it. If we have a window sill, this scenario would be lovely to experience.

No matter how old I am, Cinderella made me fall in love with someday riding in a carriage. Imagine going on a foliage drive inside of a carriage. Now I definitely need to try this.

Turn yourself into a burrito blanket, turn on the fairy lights, maybe invite some friends over (or not for all the fellow introverts), and enjoy a relaxing day/night tearing up to drama movies, such as Stepmom.

Unfortunately, we don’t have apple trees on the island (at least none that I know of). And our mango trees bloom during Spring, so I can’t do Mango picking in Fall. Someday I’ll visit a place where apples grow during Fall and I get to experience picking apples.

Anything big and small is more than enough to get us grounded. We can make the list as long as we want them to, and then re-read the entire list afterward. We can keep the list and read them on other days as reminders of all the blessings we’ve achieved in life.

Spending the holidays with my parents means a lot to me, and I will forever cherish all of the special moments we have together.

If drama movies aren’t our thing, then spooky season it is.

I was so excited when I finally got to try a Pumpkin spice drink from Starbucks. I’ve always heard good things about Pumpkin spice recipes, so I was tempted to try one. I tried the Pumpkin Spice Latte and Pumpkin Cream Brew. I thought the Spice Latte was okay, but I loved the Cream Brew. It’s probably my preference to cold drinks in general.

I’ve gone on hikes, and watched sunrises and sunsets before, but not together. Imagine hiking to a really high point and seeing this view at the end of our physical exercise. 

I didn’t know this was a thing either, but I. LOVE. SUNFLOWERS and I really want to visit one someday. A Sunflower field would be just as perfect.

Honestly, Fall scents smell so strong for me, and I was never really drawn to them. For experience’s sake, I would still like to try and get one and light it up during the season. Who knows, I might come to love the scent.

I saw a lot of really cool Halloween decorations on houses before, and since I’m easily inspired, I want to spookify my house for Halloween someday.

This is actually harder than I thought it would be. I couldn’t even last 30 minutes without doing something on my phone or laptop. I think this will be one of the hardest goals for me to achieve at any given moment.

I’ve tried eating Caramel Apples once, and to be honest, it wasn’t exactly a match for my tastebuds. I don’t know if it’s how it was made or something else, but I’m willing to give it another try. I also wouldn’t mind learning how to make them myself.

This is mainly for good fun. I really want me and my group of friends to cosplay characters from Naruto as our costumes for Halloween someday. (I want to be Hinata.)

Handwritten letters are the best, and giving them to someone we’re close with or thankful for is a wonderful experience and feeling.

I never knew these existed until recently, and I really want to experience both of these someday.

Dinner with close friends and/or family is *chef’s kiss*

Whether it’s a deed done for the neighborhood, school, friends, or family, helping others, big and small, is a great feeling to experience.

It might be a little chilly doing this, but we get to go out in our fluffy coats, eat some warm appetizers, and admire the Autumn colors.

Gather with friends and tell ghost stories or anything going on in our and their lives. Drink some hot chocolate milk and maybe even s’mores.

I’ve seen the leaves in their final change, but I’ve never actually seen them in their beginning stage. I don’t know if it’s possible to do so, but one can hope, right?

Everyone should try this at least once. It’s incredibly peaceful and I’m often in a lighter mood afterward.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while as it seems so beautiful and I’ve never really seen many people make a big deal from Thanksgiving decorations.

And get some fresh pumpkins to carve and decorate the house with. Or other vegetables to add to our Thanksgiving dinner recipes.

We can give them out to the neighborhood or public service workers who might also be working extra hours during the holiday season.

With the cooler weather, I am 110% all for doing this, while maybe watching a relaxing movie with my phone turned off to avoid any distractions from a relaxing experience.

I’m not at all experienced or too knowledgeable about this, but I would like to experience this someday.

A lovely way to decorate the house is by printing at least one or two of these photos and hanging them up for the season. We can add more to the wall photos each year.

I’ve done a foliage walk, and I really want to experience a foliage drive and see more of the beautiful Autumn leaves on the trees and ground.

After that one time that a wolf in the haunted house patted my back because I probably had tears rolling down my face, I don’t think I ever went back inside a haunted house. After over two decades, I think I’m willing to give it a try again.

Pumpkins, rustic or wooden Thanksgiving decorations, Fall wreaths, etc. A great way to decorate the home for the season, or holiday.

I would really love to do this someday and obviously have the invitees arrive in costumes.

We’ve done a lot at the beginning of the year, and we could definitely use this time to unwind, reflect, and enjoy some hot chocolate by the window or fireplace.

In my opinion, Autumn creates the most beautiful aesthetics ever. The natural glows and sceneries are breathtaking.

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What do you look forward to doing the most in Autumn?

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