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The Ford Mustang Mach-E: Brand Guidelines is a non-commercial work produced as a student project for educational purposes. 

our promise

We make every trip worth riding through the memories of the past, the excitement of the future, and the unknown of the present.

the soul

interlude: research

customer profiles


“I’ve gone on hundreds of road trips that I end up being tired during the drive, and just want to get to my destination. I want my trips to be as exciting as they used to be.”


“I’ve been into school all my life. I’ve gotten my diploma, yet I still feel something is missing. I want to enjoy the rest of my life and explore the world.”

swot analysis


Globally renowned brand.

Dynamic range of products and models to suit various lifestyles.

Innovative engineering and designs.

Increased investment on research and development.


Increase environmental support and awareness.

Technological advancements create opportunities for future features and functions.

Improve market strategies.

Strategic partnerships with other brands.


Recalls due to product failures.

High operational costs, which lead to higher product prices.

Weak presence in emerging markets.


Increased competition.

Slow growing EV market.

Increased prices of materials used to build their products.

Car dealerships misinforming cutomers about the brand’s products.

interlude: creative

key message

creative concepts

drive through memory lane

Special moments are meant to be remembered. When you take that road trip to visit your family; when you go to a drive-in movie with friends; when you go on that first date…these are all fond memories for future storytelling. Built for comfort, style, and smooth running, Ford helps you create these memories as you drive through your adventures.

dynamically evolving

Change is a scary experience. You’re comfortable with what you have now. But sometimes, comfort isn’t always all. And with Ford’s undying passion to constantly evolve, change won’t be as scary as it seems.

the roadventure of a lifetime

When you go through the same schedule everyday, there are days when you just crave something different, something exciting. Ford is the perfect vehicle to change up your routine. Built with innovative engineering and designs, Ford electrifies your journey.

a revolutionary revelation

When you think you’ve seen and heard everything; you begin to wonder, “well, what else is there?” At Ford, we take our years of experience, customer feedback, and research to build vehicles that will constantly revolutionize the automotive industry and spark the minds of the curious.


'where is your unknown' contest

To emphasize Ford’s unique driving capabilities, we are asking individuals to submit a photo, video, or written entry that showcases their ultimate road trip adventure. The entry can be as realistic or fantastical as each individual envisions. We want to see creativity and passion in their submission. Winners will receive prizes from Ford.


In celebration of Ford’s bold innovations, this hashtag aims to motivate people to take that chance and do something they have never done before. Users can share their experiences via social media and hopefully be the inspiration that others may need

ford for miles

For one month, every mileage spent driving a Mustang Mach-E, Ford will donate $1 per mile to an organization/charity of the individual’s choice. At the beginning of the month, individuals will go to a secure website where they will create an account and enter their basic information, type of Ford vehicle and license plate number, the organization or charity to which they donate, and the number of miles their vehicle currently has. By the end of the month, users are to submit their additional miles via an image that Ford will then verify. The campaign aims to motivate people to go on adventures and explore with their vehicles while, in return, giving back to the community.

interlude: guidelines


bitter bold


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roboto condensed


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international outreach

the philippines

pamilya (family)

Family is the utmost important treasure in the Philippines. Filipinos cherish every moment spent with their families. Most members of a family often choose to move away from home to earn a better income to continue providing for their families. For some, visiting family back home becomes a rare occurrence. In a series of five short documentaries aired online and on TV, Ford showcases how they were able to reunite five random families by having the family members picked up in a Mach-E, traveling through the highways of the Philippines, and bringing them home. Ford’s message: Love unites even in the longest distance.

aliwan (entertainment)

Filipinos love entertainment – singing, dancing, celebrities. So, why not bring all three together? Spread throughout one of the busiest boardwalks in the Philippines are the most loved Filipino idols disguised as the average visitor. In just a moment, an upbeat song that describes Ford and the Mach-E, will start playing. One by one, the celebrities show themselves wearing Ford’s colors and start dancing to the song in the middle of the busy boardwalk initiating a flash mob.

emerging media

fcti test

The Ford Car Type Indicator (FCTI) is a 10 – 20minute online test that will help users determine the type of driver they are, and what type of car is best suited for them. The test is done anonymously, and it will dig deep into the personality and mindset as a driver. It will be based on statements that users will have to select between “agree” to “disagree.” At the end of the test, users are shown detailed information as to the type of driver they are based on specific categories. They will also be shown the type of car that is best suited for their personality as a driver with additional details as well. Users can save the information and look back to it whenever they want. The test is available through Ford’s app. Ford can use the test to analyze and understand driving behaviors and patterns for future innovations.

the laser ford

The Ford Escape is a large indoor space full of rooms, traps, and laser tag. In this live action game, two teams of five will enter opposite sides of the area and are given protective gears (helmets, paddings, etc.), and the laser gun. Both teams will have similar clues to achieve the main goal and win the game. To solve the clues, teams must figure out riddles, answer trivia questions, or assemble things related to the Mustang Mach-E. Each team are given two lifelines that will automatically show them the answer. They will have to enter rooms once available to them, and they must also be on the lookout for the other team to avoid being laser shot. To win the game, one team (or members of the same team) must reach the ending point without being shot by the other team. Although all members of an opposing team are shot, the remaining team must still solve their way out of the rooms. Players get to know about the Mach-E in a fun, interactive way.

other projects

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