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Happy News

Happy news is always fun to receive, sometimes we may even cry tears of joy. I love giving them just as much as I enjoy receiving them. They are great mood boosters, especially after difficult or rough situations.

What I’ve realized throughout the years is how deeply I appreciate the happy news that others receive, especially my loved ones.

Last week, I caught up with a close friend of mine through video chat. They were informing me about all of the things happening in their life right now, and through it all, I felt extremely delighted about everything they have going on for them. Though I saw the tiredness in their eyes from their productive schedule, I also saw determination and heard excitement through their voice as they were speaking.

It was lovely.

Every day, I do my best to work hard and proud of who I am and what I’ve accomplished. I get proud whenever I’m able to tick off my daily tasks and be on, or ahead, of schedule.

I get proud when I see my dreams coming to fruition.

And as happy as I am of myself for my blessings, I feel myself leaping over the moon whenever I’d hear my loved ones following and accomplishing their dreams and goals, no matter how different or unexpected they are.

They have a family of their own.

They got a job at their dream company.

They are single but are exploring the world.

They got married.

They bought their dream home.

They reached their weight goal.

They completed school.

They reconnected with their family.

They learned to cook a delicious recipe.

They’re going back to school.

They started their own business.

They go on the most adventurous road trips.

They got promoted at their job.

They are doing the things that make them happy.

Being grateful towards others’ blessings is as powerful as being grateful towards our own blessings. Through this, we are making ourselves aware that there are infinite gifts that the universe has for each and every one of us.

Just seeing all the blessings that my loved ones have confirms that blessings reach each individual at different times from others, and there truly is no need to rush and “keep up” with everyone else.

The happiness that others receive is one of the most positive news I’ll ever receive.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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