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I enjoy hobbies.

I always turn to them whenever I feel burnt out with reality. And surprisingly, fortunately, one hobby of mine turned into a profession I love doing – writing. This came as a realization when someone once said that sometimes it’s the things we often turn to for fun that end up being the ones that we are meant to build and fulfill our life’s journey in the long-term.

So, at that point, I always took note of what was always being called out to me whenever I’d feel anxious, scared, and upset. I began paying attention to what I’d feel whenever I do certain tasks that aren’t “necessary” in my daily activities.

And writing has always allowed me to feel like myself. Writing allows me to feel freedom, calm, and happiness. It helps me release many of the jumbled-up thoughts in my head, so as long as I write as if I’m having a conversation with someone. And, when months or years pass after I write certain pieces, I enjoy looking back at them and seeing much I’ve evolved, not only with my style of writing but what I write about as well.

Writing has opened the doors to a multitude of opportunities for me, even when I wasn’t doing it as a profession. And though I am nervous and terrified, I can’t wait for all of the goals I plan on achieving with my work.

With the multitude of daydreams in my head, writing helps me put them down in words that turn into a fully crafted storyline and novel, well, as soon as I make time to get started on my drafts. Nonetheless, writing may need the inspiration to get creative, but it is also a powerful activity that helps bring inspiration back into the real world.

To be honest, I still slip up when it comes to grammar, vocabulary, and context. There are moments when I’d get confused in using “lay” or “lie” in my sentences. And there are moments I experience something that we’re all probably a little too familiar with: writer’s block. This is why I find it incredibly important for my mind and surroundings to be covered with music, movies, tv shows, books, etc.

If they do not work, I turn to my other hobbies – journaling, bullet journaling, photography, drawing, hiking, card games, (window) shopping, yoga, and a bunch of other activities that do not necessarily have to be creative. As long as I find myself being content and relaxed while I’m doing them, the creativity slowly builds back up again.

I may be afraid of public speaking and voicing out my thoughts and opinions, but I find solace and strength when it comes to writing. I can voice out many things through my words. I am confident in my ability as a writer, and I will no longer be shy to show off my work. There is no telling how long I’ll be able to write, but for now, I aim to continue improving my skills as a writer and writing everything to my heart’s content.

I love writing.

My words do not have a voice, but they speak to those who have read them. My words may be simple, but they mean a lot. My words may sound chill, but they hold strength and power.

I was born with this ability and I trust in the journey that it’s taking me along.

And I am eternally grateful for experiencing it.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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