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Thanks For Sticking By Me, Words


If I’m being honest, I handle you way better when you’re written down than when you come out of my mouth. I was always so stiff when it came to speaking, but you seem to flow naturally when I’m writing or typing you down…for the most part.

I guess it’s mainly because you’re easily erasable when you’re being written, but when you’re being spoken, it’s impossible for me to take them back and for the other party to unhear them.

Just take a look at this letter to you. I’ve already backspaced about five times, and they had nothing to do with spelling errors. If my typing would automatically be recorded and said out loud, it would be the worst audiobook ever heard.

But, I digressed.

Words, for as long as I knew how to combine each of you and turn you into a full story, I have witnessed you constantly evolving with me. Sure, there are days when you are either too shy or burnt out to come, but then there are days when you just keep flowing.

In either scenario, I want you to know how much I love and appreciate you for giving me this kind of happiness that I know I won’t find with anything else.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon one of the first stories I had ever written, which was when I was about 9 or 10 years old. The words that you allowed to come out were full of childlike magic and I was fairly surprised with the level of narrative you had already possessed. The story was about a fairy, a princess fairy, who wanted to be a human and live in the human world. I can’t remember how it ended, but I was impressed with it. I also couldn’t help but commend the artistic figures that I added along.

I also read a bunch of school papers that I was insanely proud to have written and gotten high remarks on. Looking back at them now, I’m not as impressed as I was back then. Maybe it’s because I knew my style of writing grew up with me and I would’ve done a lot more things differently than I did before. I guess this is a good sign that you have evolved with my own personal being.

Words, thank you.

Thank you for being a part of me, and for showing me that there is at least one way that I can aim to make a positive influence in others’ lives – whether they’re being transported into different worlds, or they can use my experiences as guides to help them navigate through their own journey.

Thank you for allowing me to be as vulnerable as can be, even without having to share it with the public.

Thank you for sticking by me, Words.

*Day 28 of 30 Letters In 30 Days – Your Lifetime Passion

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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