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How Are You

Hi friend.

Writing kind of makes it

Hard to have a conversation.

Well, really hard.

But, I hope this message finds

You well.

It’s been a year full of

Challenges & heartaches.

It’s been a year that’s tested

Our patience & faith with the world.

With everything going on,

I want to ask,

Are you being gentle with yourself?

With everything going on,

Are you there for yourself

Now more than ever?

Frustration, anger, sadness,

Stress, loneliness & even

Confusion are real & perfectly

Understandable emotions to


Many of us went through them

& are still going through them.

But I hope you don’t let these

Emotions take control of you.

Whether it be the worldwide

Situation or challenges

Going on in your own personal

Life, I hope you remind yourself

That you will get through this.

I’ve learned from my mentors

That challenges are temporary.

They do not define who you

Are as a person or what you

Aim to do in life.

It is okay to fall now & then.

It is okay if things do not

Go right the first, second, or

Third time.

It is okay if only a few or

Anyone at all sees your passion

& pain.

The important thing is to keep going.

If a path seems difficult to venture,

& there seems to be no other one


Create your own.

Your mind is your

Biggest opponent.

You will overthink things.

You will doubt yourself.

You may allow it to take full control

Of your decisions.

But, you have to

Go beyond it.

You have to take

A breather & allow your

Heart & spirit speak.

This is why I emphasize going out

In nature many times.

Nature gifts our fire, water, air & earth.

All elements that help you

Connect with your soul.

The soul that was put on this

Earth to fulfill a purpose.

You have a purpose in this world.

This purpose is only for you to

Figure out & achieve.

Are you happy? With where

You are right now?

Literally & metaphorically.

How many times a day do you

Find yourself genuinely smiling

Just because?

Are you following your passions?

How are your current thought patterns?

All of these questions kind of made

You pause, right?

I’m not a doctor or a therapist.

But I am a human being who

Experiences & feels & falls

& snuggles within my shell &

reflect & learn & understand &

Finally, forgive & breathe & move forth.

The healing process

May not be easy & I don’t think it ever will be.

But, you will gain an abundance of

Lessons, growth & freedom.

With everything going on,

I hope you allow yourself to

Express your emotions in some way.

Talk about your feelings with your

Family, close friends, or partner.

Get a journal & write down your

Thoughts. I have had so much

Unwanted thought patterns &

Concerns released just by simply

Writing them down on paper.

These thoughts are always only in

Our brain because we often

Don’t act upon them or find some

Way to express them for

Fear of shame or guilt.

Writing them down can help

With the release at the comfort

Of your own space.

With everything going on,

I want you to take deep breaths

Every time you start to feel that things

Are falling apart.

With everything going on,

Check on loved ones every

Now & again, especially those

Who makes the entire room laugh

& smile.

With everything going on,

Keep your head up & keep the faith.

So, before I end this, I have one

Final question:

How are you?

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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