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Body Love

To my forever body,

You’ve been my physical shelter from the moment I was brought into this world, and it’s taken me a while to see and love you, for you.

For a long time, I’ve used you only to get everyday tasks done – eat, sleep, bathe, focus. I never really thought about how you were feeling and what you’ve been trying to tell me.

You wanted, most especially needed, to be loved and cared for.

My body, to get my daily tasks done, you were strong enough to help me breathe, walk, hold and carry things, and eat a variety of meals to keep me alive. You were there for me more than I ever was for you, and I’m deeply sorry for not paying attention to you for many years.

My body, you’ve never given up on me and it is time for me to treat you like the queen that you are.

You deserve to feel the perfect servings of serotonin and dopamine through healthy food, nutrients, vitamins, about 8 glasses of daily water intake, enough sleep, exercise (including yoga), sunshine, music, and meditation.

Most importantly, you deserve to feel confident in how you look.

Body, I’ve realized that scars and imperfections make me who I am. They are perfectly imperfect and are just as beautiful as the rest of my body and soul.

The scar you’ve carried with you from the day I was born is a constant reminder that I am alive and breathing, that my last breath is still far away. It’s a reminder that you were always a warrior and you’ve conquered a battle you weren’t prepared for.

The freckles and moles I have are gosh darn cute and lovely to look at, and I’m glad to have them prominently around my body.

Any flaws and blemishes that show up are natural and are simple signs that you are going through change. They may not be the best to look at, but they are temporarily a part of you and because you are patient in overcoming them, I will be patient with you.

I apologize for all other scars, bruises, and scratches that were inflicted upon you due to my clumsiness or random accidents. I promise to avoid tripping on air as much as I used to and always be careful with everything I physically do.

Additionally, thank you, my dear body, for all of your endurance during my special time of each month. You’re at your weakest and most vulnerable state, but you remain strong for both of us. Though I’m ecstatic that we could use those days to laze around in bed, eat chocolate, and watch k-dramas and anime.

I promise to give you the care you need to glow naturally each day.

I promise to give you the love you need to function happily each day.

I’m still learning how to properly take care of you and understand what works best for you. I’m paying attention to anything and everything I put you through. I’m listening to your emotions and doing my best to fulfill your needs. If you’re tired, I will relax. If your eyes are strained, I will put any tech screen away and look out into nature. If you haven’t had enough fruits or vegetables, I will add them to my diet.

And if you’re feeling that the dark clouds are coming, I will step out into the light and enjoy the fresh air. I will talk to a friend. I will rest. I will watch a funny movie. I will do the very best to protect you and keep you warm and comfortable in this life.

My body, we are one and the same and I promise to love and cherish you for as long as we’re together in this life.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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