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Mid-Year Check In | Personal Life Update


When I was checking to see when I last gave a life update, I noticed that I’ve done two of them – the first one was in 2020, the second in 2021; and both were posted in the month of July, the same month I’m posting this life update.

Seems like July is the month for my yearly life update.

Coincidence? Probably.

Nonetheless, here I am writing another life update or mid-year check-in.

Since I began my blog, I had been focused on spiritual healing, including self-love and self-care.

Being back in Saipan has created a major shift in what I had been feeling and posting.

One of the biggest shifts in my life has been focused on living in the present moment. I felt like I was able to spread my wings again and explore my surroundings like a kid who is trying out new things.

I needed this change.

June is by far my favorite month of the year. I was hanging out with friends, getting out of my comfort zone by attending events I never thought I’d ever attended, and reconnecting with my inner child.

It had been years since I felt like I was truly living in the present moment, and I became completely in love with it.

I spent my mornings looking forward to my days. I spent my days smiling, laughing, meeting new people, trying new things, and adopting new habits. I then spent my nights falling fast asleep with a smile on my face.

I couldn’t believe it myself.

Me? Falling asleep right away?

My thoughts were actually quiet for once.

My heart felt excited.

My soul was content.

And I felt my energy glowing in happiness.

Unfortunately, this is where I allowed my life to go unbalanced again. I was completely in a trance of experiencing all of these during the last couple of months that I have lost a bit of touch with my blogs and my writing.

I was slowly expanding my blog to begin covering travel posts that I lost sight of my own unique style of writing and hidden messages in my posts.

I was writing mostly from my mind and didn’t touch too much within my heart and soul.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still a lot of recent posts that I absolutely love and am proud to have written and posted. Many of the topics I’ve written about are actually better suited for the light-hearted writing style.

It’s just that when I look back at my old style of writing, I miss it.

They tug to the heart. They helped me heal.


What is Next for HENPAL?

For the rest of the year, I want to focus on getting back to my roots of writing and posting deep healing posts once again, with Saipan posts in between as well.

With this, starting August, I am limiting my blog posting from twice a week to once a week.

I have also started a vlog channel on Youtube that I want to prioritize for the rest of the year as well.

I don’t know how things will go with my different goals playing out, but I will do my best to provide meaningful and insightful blog content to my readers, and inspirational and adventurous vlog content to my subscribers.

Let’s work together and support one another as we continue finding meaning for a well-lived life!

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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