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Moments With Mom

I read in passing that the most difficult non-paying job in the world is being a mother. I’m not a mother yet, but I’ve felt and witnessed the strength and impact of a mother’s love, courage, and wisdom.

My mother and I do not have the perfect mother-daughter relationship. Our personalities are strikingly similar, making us butt heads often, but it’s clear in my heart the abundant love that she has for me.

And there is no doubt in this world that I would do anything to provide for and protect my mother and show the love and appreciation I have for her forever and ever.

It took me being away from my mom to realize all of this. And although we still argue from time to time, I want to spend the rest of her life creating the best memories. I want her heart to be full of laughter, peace, and joy.

On Mother’s Day, May 8, and many days throughout each year, let’s cherish our time with our moms and/or mother figures.

And we should do our best to have many moments with them.


Memorable Activities to Do With/For Our Moms

A Mother's Day Itinerary

My ideal day with mom on Mother’s Day would go a little something like this:



A Long-Distance Mother's Day Itinerary

To all the mothers in the world,

Thank you. You are loved. You are appreciated. Not only do you help create lives, but you also help change many as well.

Happy Mother’s Day

Let's chat!

What is/are your favorite moment(s) with your mom?

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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