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Monthly Highlights | September 2021

You didn’t hold back, September 2021.

I was expecting a different kind of productivity, but I guess you had other plans. Early on I realized I was mentally burnt out and you found a way to help me take a couple of breathers and do some self-reflection.

Thank you.


Streaming service(s) might change from the time of writing this post due to the services’ contract with the movie/TV show networks.


If you’re into supernatural romance, then you should definitely check out this anime series. It’s been a while since I got interested in a bit of a romantic storyline, and this is one that I find *chef’s kiss* The characters, storyline, and illustrations are beautifully done. I especially love the chemistry between Chise and Elias. Their connection, in my opinion, is close to the innocent type of love, even though there are many dark secrets that have yet to be uncovered. The expansive wisdom and spiritual knowledge mentioned throughout the series personally connected with me as well, and they were words I needed to hear at the time.

Maturity Rating: TV-14 • Genre: Fantasy, Romance • Original Language: Japanese • Streaming Service: Crunchyroll

“Sticker” Album by NCT 127

I haven’t been up-to-date with K-pop music, so I was quite surprised but excited, to see that NCT 127 released a new album on Spotify. I’m still trying to vibe with some of the songs on the album, but I’m already hooked on Lemonade, Magic Carpet Ride, Dreamer, and Promise You. NCT always manages to find ways to let their music catch the attention of their talented, wholesome selves, and I’m excited to see what other surprises they have up their sleeves.



I’ve been playing Genshin Impact since July, and one word – addicting. It is an adventurous role-playing game (RPG) with beautiful visuals and character designs, as well as intricate storytelling and challenging quests. You, the traveler, get to explore dozens of locations within the world of Teyvat, and, along the way, you get to meet other lovely characters with their own unique backstories, abilities, and personalities. You get to fight off Hilichurls and the troublesome mechanisms. Afterward, farm for food, chests, and glowing objects that might provide you with some treats, as well as craft weapons and potions to help strengthen your abilities.

From my personal experience as a newbie player to the game, nothing is ever boring in Teyvat. Quests are almost always coming in, and even if I’m able to complete or hold off on some or all of them, I find myself gliding, swimming, or simply running through the vast terrains of this world. The character voiceovers, soothing background music, and occasional energetic sound effects allow me to feel as if I was truly taking part in this journey. The only major setback of the game is that it does leave me feeling quite dizzy sometimes due to the vigorous movement of my phone screen, especially during battles.

If RPGs interest you, Genshin Impact is the game to consider.



I love desserts. Well, anything sweet actually. And this month I was fortunate to try Red Ribbon’s Black Forest Cake. According to Red Ribbon’s description, it is “layers of liqueur-moistened chocolate cake, brimming with maraschino cherries and cream, rich chocolate shavings and chocolate curls.” My mouth is drooling from simply reading it, and I wouldn’t mind having more of it. It is sweet, but not too sweet to where I would need to take a sip of water after every bit like some other treats. Give it a try if you get the chance!



Happy Birthday, M! For her birthday this year, we decided to simply stay at home and eat homemade Pancit Bihon, her all-time favorite food, and other delicious treats. On the day after her birthday, we were ecstatic that rain decided to grace us with her presence, and we were enjoying a soothing day indoors.



I will be writing a full post about my experience, but for now, I will tell you that I did get 2/4 of my wisdom teeth pulled out this month. They were the two bottom teeth. My top teeth are informed to cause me no problem, so they are left intact. The experience took about 1 hour, but it went by mostly smoothly and I’m practically halfway through a full recovery.



  • Resting;
  • Updating my website design;
  • A successful wisdom teeth removal procedure and recovery;
  • Anime;
  • Rainy weather.

A gratitude list does not have to include major life events (but include them when they do happen). Simple blessings, such as showering with clean water, are overlooked privileges to be grateful for.

Incorporate or reserve at least 10 minutes of your daily routine to write at least three (3) things you are grateful for.

We all need a good reminder to keep our feet on the ground.

“You can only fly once you are willing to give up the safety of your own cocoon.” – Unknown

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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