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Music is therapeutic for me in every way and has become an integral part of my life for the past five years. It started out with just listening during long car rides, and then I began doing it throughout my day – after getting up in the morning, washing dishes, going for a walk, riding in a car, working on my assignments, blog, or designing, cleaning, cooking, and before going to bed.

I’m far from being a musician though. I can’t sing or play any musical instruments, but somehow, I feel like I’m in my safe haven once I put my earphones on and tune the rest of the world out.

I’ve even created playlists that fit any mood I might be feeling at certain moments, such as:

feelin’ excited

feelin’ empowered

feelin’ chill

feelin’ adventurous

feelin’ hurt

feelin’ in love

I saw a title post on Pinterest about putting your music playlist on shuffle and writing about the songs that the shuffle lands on, so I thought it was a fun idea to try and see what songs would come out, and provide a general overview of the list!

I have two sets of songs below: the first seven are from my Spotify library of 829 liked songs, while the second seven are from my “On Repeat” playlist of 30 songs.


I was a bit worried that the shuffle would land mostly on K-Pop music, but I’m glad that there’s a pretty good variety of artists on here. I promise, K-Pop isn’t the only music I listen to, even if they appear mostly on my “On Repeat” playlist.

Line ‘Em Up [SuperM]

I may not listen to this song as often as the others on their album, but I still find it catchy and won’t mind jamming to it every now and then. I’m going to have to read the English lyrics a couple more times to fully understand what the song’s about, though.

Favorite lyric:

널 가둔 현실 전부 break it (pow!)

Translation: The reality that locks you up, break it (pow!)

This song isn’t one of theirs I listen to quite often, but I love the instrumentals and overall vibe of the song.

Favorite lyrics:

Do you think of me?

Of what we used to be?

This is one of my favorite Kelly Clarkson singles. There was a point where I consistently listened to it for a couple of months. I love the beat, Kelly’s vocals, and most especially the meaning of the lyrics.

Favorite lyrics:

Now that you know, this is my life

I won’t be told what’s supposed to be right.

Absolutely enjoy dancing and singing along to this song since its release in 2010.

Favorite lyric:

See, you give me a purpose.

This is my absolute favorite song of Taylor’s, mainly because of its vulnerability. It’s about one of her more specific experiences, but I somehow still find myself empathizing with her and the song itself.

Favorite lyrics:

Maybe this is wishful thinking

Probably mindless dreaming

But if we loved again I swear I’d love you right.

I have this song in my ‘feelin’ motivated’ playlist. Even without having the English lyrics in front of me as I listen to the song, its melody, and their vocals are more than enough to make me feel calm and content. The lyrics add that extra layer of comfort and assurance.

Favorite lyrics:

까만 밤이

더 길어진 대도 두렵지 않아

내 꿈을 더 끌어안아

Translation: Even if the black night

Gets longer

I’m not afraid

Embrace my dream more.

My favorite HSM track, ever. I feel elated listening to it, and I tried to learn the dance, but never got a chance to fully get it right. PS, the graduation version is on another level of making me tear up.

Favorite lyrics:

I finally figured it out

That all our dreams have no limitations

That’s what it’s all about.

"On Repeat" Playlist

This time I was sure majority would be K-Pop…but, can you blame me?

Big Chance [SuperM]

I first thought this was more of a love story kind of song, and for the most part, it is. The more I listened to it, however, I also saw the motivational messages for individuals who struggle to go after what they want in life. It’s also for those who have this constant battle in their minds of taking risks or staying in their safe place – what they know.

Favorite lyrics:

You wanna say you do, but you don’t (Don’t)

You wanna say you will, but you won’t (Won’t)

You wanna say you can, but you can’t

You fall to the pressure too many times (Yeah)

This is my current favorite song from their album. With everything that’s going on, I found this to be a very comforting song that I needed to hear.

Favorite lyrics:

We lost our old lives

I swear you’ll find a brand-new you

The first time I listened to this song, I found it to be very memorable, especially during the pre-chorus and chorus. Also, Halsey’s voice is perfection.

Favorite lyrics:

I know you’re chokin’ on your fears

Already told you I’m right here

I will stay by your side every night

Time of Our Life [Big Time Rush]

This was one of their songs that I came to love only recently, which is sad as I wish I would’ve enjoyed it when the show was still airing. It’s a flirty type of song that makes me want to get up and dance to it.

Favorite lyrics:

I knew from the minute that I looked in your eyes

That you could be the one, you’re just my type.

Pit-A-Pat [Oh Joon Sung]

I’m glad this made it on the list. It’s an instrumental from the Cinderella and the Four Knights soundtrack. I find myself more focused while working when I listen to any of the instrumentals of this soundtrack.

Baby You Are [EXO]

This is my favorite EXO song of all time. Their vocals and the vibe of the song are amazing. It’s also a very sweet, upbeat love song.

Favorite lyric:

널 가장 행복하게 할 수 있는 내게 맘을 열어

Translation: Open up your heart to me and I’ll make you the happiest.

When I want to feel happy or am feeling happy, this is one of the songs I listen to. Everything about this song screams optimism and living life.

Favorite lyrics:

처음 닿는 거친 걸음마저 기분이 좋아

저기 멀리 부푼 꿈이 점점 가까워져 가

Translation: It feels good just taking this first rough step

That dream that’s far away keeps on getting closer.

This was a glimpse of the artists and genre of music I'm currently listening to.

The majority are pop and K-pop, but I do also enjoy listening to rock, acoustic, reggae, hip-hop, soundtracks, and country songs.

Other than that, I love expanding my music library, so if you have any artists or genres of music you’d like to me check out, comment on them below or on my social media accounts, @hihenpal.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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