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My Holiday Watchlist

And just like that, we’ve officially entered the last month of the year. This entire year felt like it happened in the span of one month. So many events happened, and I’m just incredibly grateful that I’m still moving forward and taking things one day at a time.

I’ll save the rest of my year-end talk when the year is really coming to a close.

For now, let’s discuss movies…

Holiday movies.

I understand that the holidays began in October on Halloween. Still, I’d like to emphasize the December-January holidays for this post as these are the biggest celebrations I’ve experienced growing up.

I love holiday movies. I’ve always looked forward to binge-watching TV when I was younger, and I’ve begun watching them again last month. Christmas movies have been my comfort zone and I’ve always loved their messages of family, hope, miracles, giving, home, love, and magic. 

With so many new holiday films coming out these last few years, I figure it’s time to update my movies list. I have made two lists: one focuses on Christmas-themed movies and the other is more family-themed movies that I think are calming to watch during the holidays. I know there are hundreds of amazing movies out there that are worth watching, but, to prevent my lists from becoming a 10-page essay, I’ll list only 40 movies per list (which was INCREDIBLY hard to do).

My Holiday Watchlist




What are your favorite holiday movies to binge during the season?

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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