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My Top Travel Destination Goals

With travel picking up again, I can’t help but daydream about all of the places I hope to explore someday. Following a bunch of travel bloggers and vloggers on social media only increases my need to adventure beyond my comfort space. At some point, I’ll have hoped to set foot in at least 80% of the Earth’s landmass and gain an abundance of knowledge and experience of many of the diverse cultures that help make up the human population.

And yes, I only hope to visit at least 80% of the landmass because I wouldn’t want to visit certain geographical locations where my chance of survival is less than 70%.

Many of the places I deem my top places to visit are mainly due to the influence of TV shows, movies, Google searches, and YouTube videos. I may not have visited these places at all, but looking at them from another’s perspective and historical research has aided in my interest and passion in one day visiting these places in person.

What piques my interest about any place I’d love to visit is its enriching, unique cultures. Just as the human mind works, I’m greatly fascinated by how a mass population goes about their daily lives in routines, activities, languages, celebrations, and food that are practiced primarily by them. I love learning about their history and understanding their way of living and thinking. Things like this keep life so much more interesting and worth exploring.

I would also love to get my feet on such jaw-dropping sights. My gosh. I greatly enjoyed the experience in person of visiting an astounding landmark seen and talked about in multiple media outlets (my best one so far is the Golden Gate Bridge), and pictures and videos do not do many of them justice. There are certain landmarks that, in my opinion, need to be seen and experienced in person to see the grandeur they exude.

Traveling… I haven’t done it much, but I just know deep down that it’s in my blood, in my life story.

It’s only been a dream of mine for so long, and I’m going to make it a reality.

The list below isn’t even half of the places I’d love to visit. There are places within these places that I can’t wait to fall in love with.

This is just the beginning of my travel adventures.

Let's Board A Flight To...


For as long as I can remember Italy has always been my must-visit travel destination. I just remembered this recently, but I believe this stems from watching The Lizzie McGuire Movie when it first came out in 2003. Teenage romance. The Trevi Fountain where dreams are believed to come true. I was hypnotized.


Japan is another country I’ve been in love with since taking Japanese language classes in high school and receiving delicious Japanese candy from friends who traveled there. After watching online videos, including anime, about this beautiful country, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the culture and astounding landmarks.


I was initially interested in visiting South Korea due to my interest in K-Drama and K-Pop. However, after getting to know their culture and seeing some of their famous landmarks (especially thanks to Boys Over Flowers), my reasons for visiting became much more than having been drawn by their entertainment industry. I also can’t wait to indulge myself with their mouthwatering meals that, even though I was able to try a couple of them outside of South Korea, I would love to try directly from the country itself.


Greek mythology. I couldn’t help but desire to go to Greece after learning about Greek mythology since I was a child. And aside from such myths, I feel like much of Greece’s history has been taught to me for many years, whether in school, movies, or books, and I’ve always wanted to visit the historical landmarks that have made Greece what it is today.


From what I’ve seen online, Singapore is an incredibly beautiful country with just as much of a beautiful culture. I also “met” a friend online years ago who is from there, and she’s just one of the sweetest people ever. I hope to meet her in person if given the opportunity to visit her home place.


How can I not visit France with its abundance of historical landmarks and empowering architecture? I feel like I’ve learned a lot about the famous French artists and would love to hopefully see their beloved artwork in person.


I haven’t done much research on Sweden, but with a really amazing classmate from Sweden, and with the bit of research I actually did, I hope to embark here someday and get to know their culture a lot more in person.


I have to thank a Youtuber who visited Jordan and shared their experience, thus making their experience a big inspiration for me to also visit. One of the top landmarks I look forward to seeing in person is Petra, with the Dead Sea coming in close. 

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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