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One Memorable Experience

The year itself is a memorable one that will be in history books, but if there’s one positive memorable experience I have had this year, it would be going to Imperial Beach for the first time.

The beach is my favorite place to think, unwind, relax, watch the sunset (and sunrise), and just be in the moment.

I grew up on an island surrounded by beaches. I’ve known for a long time that I would want to live and settle down somewhere near a beach where I can have a clear view of the ocean as well. It’s just in me to be near water, and obviously not just the water that we drink or that runs through the pipes. I love the fresh, clean, oceanic water.

I do feel disappointed that throughout my four years of living in San Francisco, I’ve visited its beaches less than five times because of how cold I’d get whenever I’d visit. The beaches were also pretty far from where I lived, and I couldn’t afford to take multiple random trips to the beach even if I wanted to.

So, as soon as I moved to my current city, I knew the one place I needed to visit is a beach.

Imperial Beach, South Bay San Diego, California

Imperial Beach is a 4-mile-long residential beach city located in San Diego’s South Bay region that offers surfing, fishing, sunset viewing, relaxation, yoga, and a wide variety of restaurants.

Of course with everything that’s going on this year, my friend and I opted out of dining at such restaurants and decided to simply relax atop our beach blankets, away from other beach-goers, and enjoyed the cool breeze of the wind, surfers taking on waves, families fishing on the pier, and birds flying above our heads.

We stayed there for less than an hour, probably even less than 30 minutes, but I still had a blissful time.

This year is truly like no other.

Although there may be a lot of pain and sadness, I know that it is always good to remember being able to wake up in the mornings and going through your day with as much strength and positivity as we have.

A memorable experience doesn’t have to be being able to travel abroad or going to Disneyland, or even having a grand celebration/party.

A memorable experience can be as meaningful as passing your classes, accomplishing your work tasks, or video calling your loved ones.

Any moment you feel happy and at peace with whatever experience you’ve lived through, that’s something to be grateful for and to be kept in your memories.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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