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Reminding Myself That…

I am good enough.

I am the creator of my own life,

Therefore I can achieve everything

I need & want.

I need to stop holding on to the

Past & their memories &


I was young & didn’t know any


I have hurt others & I

Have been hurt.

With pain comes strength &

With strength comes growth.

I felt pain to the point I felt

Like I could no longer go on.

But I also felt happiness to the

Point I strived to go on.

Every day, I’m working on being

A better person.

I still make mistakes & I will continue to

Make mistakes.

But this doesn’t mean that I should

Condemn myself for them.

I’m only human.

Humans aren’t perfect.

I don’t want to be perfect.

I want to be perfectly imperfect.

If I hadn’t gone through all of those

Painful situations, I wouldn’t have

Strived to constantly grow &

Evolve who I am as a

Daughter, friend, cousin, aunt,

Student, employee &


I am good enough.

My past does not define who

I currently am.

There are still so many things

& situations that I have yet

To understand and receive

Closure on, but I need to stop

Reliving all those memories in

My head when there are so many

New ones that want to come in.

It’s okay for me to no longer

Need to know what went wrong or

What I should or shouldn’t have done.

It’s okay if I didn’t get an apology

Or apologize and make amends.

What’s done is done & I need

To stop beating myself up over it.

They’ve all probably moved on anyway,

So why am I still the only one carrying

The baggage?

Why am I deteriorating myself

In an endless cycle of self-pity?

Why am I self-sabotaging my own

Happiness & freedom to those

Who are already soaring high

Above the clouds?

I’m not a good person.

But, I am trying my best to do

Good things.

& I know that no matter how

Much good I do in the world,

I will still be a villain in

Someone’s story.

& I’ve learned to accept that.

Because at the end of the day,

I’m not living for them.

I’m living for myself.

I’m living for my own happiness.

My freedom.

My goals.

My soul.

& in order to continue achieving

All of these, I need to let go.

Let go of everything holding me down.

Let go of expectations.

Let go of being a stickler to the rules.

Let go of comparing.

Comparing my journey to others

Has been my most recent


Sure, it’s always been a battle, but

It has unfortunately evolved.

Why am I even comparing myself

To others?

I know that everyone is on their

Own journey & following their

Own life path.

So, why is it so hard to focus on

My own life?

Is it because social media reminds

Me that I’m still not married or

Have my own family?

Or that I haven’t built my own dream

Home or traveled to as many places

As I want to?

I’m being ridiculous.

I have so many things to be grateful

For in life, yet I’m allowing other

People’s journey overshadow

The blessings in front of me.

I knew that going into this

Part of a career would already

Make me different from the majority

Of my peers.

I knew that I’d have to go through

Different battles than they would.

I know that what I’m doing makes

Me the happiest & what they’re

Doing hopefully makes them

The happiest.

So what’s the point of comparing if

We’re all essentially happy?

I may not be where they are right now

In terms of achievements and

Relationships because I’m exactly

Where I need to be.

I’m going through this life at my

Own pace & instead of torturing

& burning myself out

In order to catch up with them,

I need to slow down.

I don’t need & want what’s meant for

Them because I have my own

Blessings that are meant for me.

Life isn’t a race.

If it is, the only competition I have

Is with myself.

The competition to do better tomorrow

Than yesterday while still

Being in the present today.

The competition to remind myself

That I did well today & I will

Do even better tomorrow.

The competition to love my

Body & all of its flaws.

The competition to remain patient

& go with the flow because it’s nice

To sometimes make my way

Through the unknown.

The competition to wake up

Each day feeling calm & excited

& refreshed & motivated & loved.

Loving myself.

I’ve always considered this as the

Final stage of the healing process

Because it’s the toughest one to


To love me, to accept myself.

Including all of my flaws &


This doesn’t mean that I can’t

Improve on my

Imperfections. This means that

While I still have them & working

On them, I don’t have to beat

Myself up for having these kinds

Of traits. In fact, I may always have

Them, but through acknowledging

& growing from them, I can

Have better control over how

I portray them.

I will always have days where

I’d just feel like quitting

Or my doubts would come

Back again, but through

Loving myself, I can remind

Myself that it’s okay to feel

These types of emotions as

Long as I’m willing to get

Back up again because

I know my strength.

I know my passion.

I know my worth.

I am worthy.

I am worthy of receiving all

The blessings that are meant

For me.

I am worthy of living a happy

& peaceful life.

I am worthy of moving forward

From my past & creating

The life that I desire.

I am worthy of taking things slow

& accepting that the path I chose

To take will not always be a

Walk in the garden.

I am worthy of loving &

Being loved.

I am worthy.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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