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Spring Healing | 56 Activities For Healing During Spring Season

Spring season is officially around the corner, from March 21 – June 20, and I’m so excited to see the flowers blooming again, especially when I drive through the island and be emerged with the passionate red-orange color of the Flame Trees.

Whereas Autumn is a season to release and reflect, Spring awakens the soul to heal and grow, just like the flowers that bloom during this time of the year.

This is one of those rare moments when life and Mother Earth combined truly make something breathtakingly beautiful.

As we enter the season of growth, we are reminded to heal any wounds that are still hurting the heart, mind, and soul.

Holidays to Celebrate During the Season

56 Activities For Healing During Spring Season

I have never flown a kite before, but it looks so much fun. I’ve seen kites being sold in some stores, but I’m sure they can be found online as well. If there’s nothing to our liking, we can try making a kite from scratch. That seems like a fun experience to try as well!

I love going to a quiet area at the beach and reading to the sounds of ocean waves. It’s amazing and adds a little bit of something to the stories I read.

I haven’t done this in so long mainly because I haven’t been around the grass in so long. I can’t wait to try it out this season and feel much closer to being grounded with the Earth.

I have been seeing a lot more butterflies lately. I love it. I’ve always felt like butterflies are a good sign and that I’m going in the right direction with my life. I would love to see a butterfly field someday, but for now, I don’t mind seeing them in random areas.

I find this really sweet. I may not look like it, but I do love receiving flowers from time to time, and so I thought it would be nice for others to receive them as well. 

My family and I used to hang up wind chimes before, but I think they broke apart. It would be nice to have one up again and listen to its soothing melody when the winds make a visit.

I’m not an interior designer, but I think this would look lovely during the season. It’s also a great feeling seeing our work being put up, even if it’s just in our own home.

My home does not have a garage or attic, but for those that do, now’s a great time to clear them up. Maybe do some renovation or add in some decorations to make them bloom with the rest of the house. If not, a simple cleaning should still bring in some freshness into the home.

Time to put away the winter clothes, and bring in the Spring dresses, shorts, and blouses. I love organizing my closet by style and then by color within those styles. It’s pleasing to look at.

Four-leaf clovers are meant to signify good luck and prosperous beginnings, and they would create something to be hopeful for. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a four-leaf clover in person before. I don’t know if we have them on the island, but this would make for an interesting adventure.

It’s unfortunate that the island doesn’t have an official flower field because I can just feel the excitement of seeing dozens of jaw-dropping, majestic flowers, and running through the fields and twirling around in them (without ruining the flowers, of course).

We can add more positivity to the season by listing down things we love about it. Here are four of mine: 1) flowers in bloom, 2) sunshine, 3) feeling refreshed, reenergized, and 4) wildlife returns.

Spring is the season to celebrate and give more love to the Earth than we normally would. During the season, even if it’s to throw our trash in the proper bin outdoors or not let the tap water run the entire time while brushing our teeth, let’s give back to Mother Earth and show her that we love her more than ever.

With fresh flowers in the background, there’s no doubt the photos will turn out beautiful. This is a lovely way to get the family together and add to the family photo book to show our kids, grandkids, and even great-grandkids.

We can bring them with us to our outdoor picnic or drink them as we’re cleaning up our home. I love fresh fruit smoothies because the ingredients are, of course, fresh and they make me feel healthier and better with my body.

With all the flowers in bloom, why not do some DIY with them? Flower crowns remind me of Mwarmwars, which often come with Leis, a garland or wreath intended to be draped over the shoulders, hanging down in the front and back. The two are typically made from fresh flowers put together and are given to graduating students on graduation day. With graduations often being in May, it would be a lovely graduation gift to a graduating student.

I’ve seen the end of a rainbow only once, and I was a little disappointed that there was no pot of gold. But, still, my excitement of seeing a rainbow had increased as I grew up. Rainbows are magical and I love that something as beautiful as them comes out after the rain.

I really wish I had learned how to play at least one musical instrument growing up. I would’ve loved to play an acoustic guitar outdoors and have a relaxing time. For now, I shall enjoy listening to instrumental music.

I love freewriting. I don’t have to worry about grammar, sentence structures, the main narrative, etc. I just write whatever comes to mind. This is how I often write my posts – I free write for the first draft with whatever comes to mind about the topic I’m doing, and I polish it off afterward. It helps me release any hidden emotions or thoughts that I had unintentionally put away for whatever reason, and allows me to acknowledge, and possibly heal those thoughts and feelings.

Ideas pop in our heads randomly, and if something comes up, I’ve learned to write them down right away because there’s a big chance that it’ll go in the forgotten bin.

And possibly a bird feeder to go along with it. Or a small bird fountain. One of these things to attract birds and listen to them chirp and gaze at how beautiful they are. I recently saw a white bird on one of the branches of our big mango tree. I’ve never seen a bird like that before, and I’m hoping to see it up close if I build something to attract it.

And I mean, a slow, leisurely pace kind of walk. The flowers are blooming, and it would be a shame to miss the opportunities to admire them from up close and just listen to the sounds of nature.

Even if I’m not that decent at drawing, I always find myself feeling relaxed when I’m just doodling away, and I think it’s a great chance to take a breather.

Visiting a botanical garden is like entering our own secret garden and feeling magic all around us.

As long as it’s okay to do so in certain areas, I think we should give this a try. I find that they make some of the most beautiful bouquets and would look lovely in the home.

There’s this one playground I remember going to the most as a child where I would spend at least half an hour having fun going down the slides. I’m glad that the playground is still around today, and I can’t wait to revisit one of the most important places of my childhood.

Hopscotch was my game back in the day. I feel my inner child getting excited, and when she’s excited, her mind comes up with the most creative ideas.

I used to think this activity was boring, but now I actually can’t wait to try it. It might even be something I start collecting. I still have to learn how to exactly do it, but I think once I’ve collected a couple, the pages are going to be so colorfully beautiful.

And possibly make an entire garden out of it. It might also attract butterflies, and it could be a close replica of the beautiful ones we see in anime.

A one-day road trip could simply consist of going to the neighboring city and exploring their area. I find road trips to be eye-openers because we would be crossing over multiple neighborhoods, districts, cities, and possibly states. And during these moments, we could see our surroundings go from greens to buildings and even big bodies of water, and I just find the experience to be engaging and fruitful.

I’ve always wanted to try outdoor yoga, specifically at a beach. I feel like doing yoga outdoors enhances the four happy hormones in our system: dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin. And if we’re not able to feel them to their fullest extent, we can still be reminded to be grounded with everything in our life.

I definitely need to do this for the season. To me, it’s a rejuvenating feeling walking out of my door and seeing a freshly cut lawn, no trash or other random items on the ground, a clean parking gravel area, and my plants blooming beautifully.

I haven’t tried bird watching, but there’s something about it that I know I’ll find myself relaxing and possibly learning a thing or two about how birds live in the wilderness by actually seeing what they do and how they go about certain tasks.

Dyeing Easter eggs is another fun activity, not just for kids, but I’ve personally enjoyed it in my teens and early adulthood as well. I haven’t dyed Easter eggs in a while, but I’m sure I’d still enjoy it just as much. I’ve tried painting and coloring them as well.

I’ve changed up my hairstyle on multiple occasions simply because I want to try a different look. It’s one of the simplest ways to help me get out of my comfort zone and see what looks I feel the most comfortable in.

Not only are herbs beautiful to look at, but many of them smell amazing. Herbs are another way to save any trips to the grocery store and get the freshest of the fresh kind of herbs from our very own herb garden.

I really want to try this someday, and do it with homemade picnic snacks, such as sandwiches, fresh strawberries, grapes, berries, etc. I imagine that we would be off our phones, enjoying our appetizers, talking about life, our dreams, our goals, and when our next adventure is.

This could also just be with a close friend as well. I think there will be a more euphoric atmosphere if this was held on a patio overlooking the garden, and there would be some light rain happening. Hot tea, maybe some macaroons, good company is an ideal healing activity to do.

I’ve never tried fishing before, but when I imagine going fishing, I see a quiet area at the beach or lake. I can understand how fishing helps a lot in building patience, and reminding us how peaceful nature can be.

If we want to live a healthier lifestyle in a more affordable way, I think having our own little healthy garden would be a great treat! We can get started by planting the seeds of the fruits we’ve already bought at the store.

Spending time away from the bustling life of the city could be the healing weekend we need to spend time with ourselves or with loved ones. We can avoid any additional distractions by limiting the use of technological devices.

If we’re healing everything else in our life, we might as well freshen up our sheets too. A way that I enjoy changing my sheets is by choosing the set whose colors are similar to the season or holiday, and then spraying the Sage Clearing Spray on it. It helps me redirect my energy and refocus on the important things in my life.

There are times when we need to show our close friends a little appreciation and thank them for everything they’ve done for us, with us. Making a friendship bracelet, I feel, is done with love and care, and we can customize them to match the type of friendship we have with each of our close friends.

Or we can cry in the rain and allow it to wash our tears away. Allow the rain to wash our anger, our frustrations, our sadness away. And, if there’s thunder, we can scream along with it. Anything to help us release unwanted thoughts and feelings.

One of my favorite objects to photograph is flowers.  Flowers, to me, signify growth, patience, and natural beauty that I think the world needs to have more of again.

I’ve been telling myself that by giving away the old, I’m making space for the new. Not only that, but it’s also a heartwarming feeling knowing that my things will be taken care of by someone else who would need them more than I do.

Here comes the inner child again.  A lot of the magic that helps me stay strong on my feet is by constantly checking in with my inner child and making sure I never lose touch with someone who is the epitome of innocence, curiosity, and empathy. And if eating ice cream was one of my childhood favorites, it’ll most likely stay as one of my favorites for other lifetimes.

Working on any handmade crafts helps me get out of any creative funk. I also find any handmade items to be more meaningful to the people we’re giving them to, especially since we can customize them however we choose to.

Any drowsy feeling goes away once that first ray of sunlight appears, and there’s a moment of stillness watching the sun rise and set. It’s a wonderful thing to experience.

I think after the initial anxiousness of being on top of a horse, it’s going to be relaxing, but a fun ride to experience. And once we get more comfortable, we might enjoy the breeze that blows across our faces.

Baking is fun, so long as all the directions are followed, and safety precautions are taken. I think it’s even more fun baking themed sweets and then giving them out to others (if they taste delicious).

I remember seeing a ladybug last year and took about 15 minutes taking pictures of it as it made its way through the leaves. There’s something about ladybugs that make them magnificent creatures. Just watching it go through its journey was beautiful.

All of their produce is 100% fresh, changing up our meal plans to a much healthier one. Plus we get to support our local vendors.

I know many of us have been home due to the pandemic and are itching to get out there. Recharging doesn’t necessarily mean staying indoors the whole time, I see it as a way to do activities that our soul has been craving because many of us have been too busy focusing on living life.

Cloud gazing is fun. It’s enjoyable trying to spot any similar faces or objects from the clouds. Our imaginations can get pretty wild with this.

I’ve never fed ducks before, but I’ve always wanted to, especially after seeing how soothing it can be. If there are no ducks in our area, we can for sure aim to feed farm animals or stray animals that we come across.

Spring is beautiful. It’s my absolute favorite season, alongside Autumn. Whether you accomplish some, most, or everything on this list, this season, let’s all try to accomplish at least one goal that would help us grow as a private and professional individuals.

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