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The Bliss of Letting Go [Intro.]

The soft wind gently caresses my face as I take in nature’s bluest skies and ocean in front of me.

I smile softly at the sight of dolphins playing in the water.

As if there’s nothing in the world that can get in their way.

I hear the trees whistling.

I can feel them whispering…

So gentle…

So loving…

I move to stand up and go closer to them.

I want to feel their healing energy.

I want to be safe.

But I can’t stand up.

I can’t move…

I look down at my arms.


I look towards my feet.


What’s – what’s going on?

I try to yell out for help, but there’s no sound.

I look towards the ocean, and the once blue scenery before me, is now red.

Blood red.

The bodies of those sweet, beautiful creatures float above the water.


Tears start rolling down my face.

Suddenly, it’s as if knives were piercing through my flesh. They’re taking their time carving every inch of my body, and letting me know that they’re in control. And I can’t do anything but scream in dead silence.

The carvings go on for what feels like a millennium. I stopped screaming because the more I try to call out for help, the deeper the knives get. So here I am. Lying in what may soon be my death bed. And as I finally feel my vision drifting to darkness, the pain stops.

I take a swallow. Then, I slowly move my fingertips. And my toes. My eyes open all the way and I lift my head up a bit. Trusting that the pain has stopped for good, I gently sit up. My body is just as it has always been.

I haven’t been lying in my pool of blood.

I look straight ahead, and I’m greeted with stillness.

Complete grayness.

I try to stand up, but then I felt needles piercing inside me.

Millions of them.

The pain brought me back down again.

I looked at my skin, and that’s when I saw them.

The bumps.

Some long, some short.

I slowly placed a finger on top of one of them, and was greeted with same searing pain from needles.

I then noticed that the lines did not stop on my arm.

They were all over me.

My legs,

My torso,

My neck,

My face.

And all of them seem like they’re waiting to burst.

To be set free.

Starting with the ones that are taking hold of my neck.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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