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There are many people and things in life to treasure.

Ones we sometimes take for granted.

Ones we sometimes enjoy showing off.

I treasure my family and close friends deeply.

I treasure my life.

And I’m still learning to treasure myself.

I treasure every materialistic item I own,

But if there’s one of them I treasure the most,

It would be a gift given to me by my father:

A heart necklace.

I had it since I was three years old and

Rarely take it off.

It is the only piece of jewelry that

Matters the most to me.

It is priceless.


And meaningful.

It allows me to feel close to my

Parents and provide a sense

Of comfort whenever I’m feeling

Anxious, sad, or in my head a lot.

It is mine to keep,

To hold,

To protect,

To show off.

If I ever do end up wearing something

Different around my neck,

Its meaning will not be any less

Than it is now, than it has always

Ever been.

And until I do wear a more meaningful

Necklace, I will treasure this one

Just as much as pirates treasure

Their gold.

Keep being inspired & take care always,


Keep being inspired and take care always,


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