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Twelve Words That Defined My Year

Merry Christmas!

Whether or not you’re able to spend the holidays with your loved ones, I hope you have a relaxing holiday season. You’ve worked hard throughout the year, and someone I admire once said: “your efforts will never betray you.”

Take this week to stay snuggled up in bed, watch your favorite movies, eat delicious meals, and reflect on how far you’ve come. Wherever you are in life, remind yourself that you kept moving forward and that your journey is different from anyone else’s, and you’re on your way to achieving your goals.

2020 can be described as many things.

Some positive, others, well…I’ll leave them up to you.

Nonetheless, below are a couple of words that personally characterized how my year went.

My 2020 was...

Challenging – As it was for everyone.


Concerning – Along with the concern for the health and safety of everyone around the world, I was terrifyingly concerned for my loved ones, especially since I’m unable to physically be with them.


Eye-Opening – I found a renewed sense of creativity, passion, and motivation towards my dreams and goals.


Overwhelming – I felt this more towards the beginning of the year when I still had classes. Having to stay creative and on top of my classes while remaining indoors and absorbing many other mixed emotions because of what was going on was highly overwhelming for me.


Productive – This was felt towards the end of the year when I had my eye-opening revelations.


Quiet – Quiet in a sense that I was no longer living in the middle of a bustling city and I’m able to even hear birds chirping out my window. My mind was still as busy as ever, and I don’t think it’ll quiet down anytime soon.


Unpredictable – Every month personally brought different, and sometimes new, challenges and emotions that helped me embrace the unknown even more.

This wraps up 12 Days of Christmas!

It was fun remembering all the good things that happened this year, and being reminded how blessed I am to still wake up in the mornings and do what I love doing.

I look forward to doing this next year, possibly with different prompts.

Once again, Merry Christmas my lovely readers!

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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