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Manifesting An Adventurous 2022 | Word Of The Year

In 2021, I had a productive year. Though it wasn’t to the expectation I had, my 2021 consisted of happier memories and moments than the previous year, and for this, I’m extremely elated.

This year, I do not want to focus on being productive and working until the early hours of the morning.

I want to feed my curiosity even more, in ways that won’t get me six feet under.

I want to feel more alive than I’ve ever felt before.

I want…


(n) – an exciting or very unusual experience.

I have been cooped up indoors for the most part during the last two years. As an introvert, that is practically paradise. However, I’ve learned that too much of one thing isn’t the best. And occasionally, I was craving to feel the sun on my face that wasn’t barred from the glass windows or felt only within my front yard.

This year, anything and everything I find myself doing that’s different from my regularly scheduled tasks, I’m going to appreciate and have them be part of my adventure diaries.

Watching a new anime or K-drama or other movies? Adventure.

Playing with my dog? Adventure.

Sitting around and listening to stories? Adventure.

Writing an exciting blog post whose topic is completely different than my usual writing? Adventure.

Strolling through a new area in the city? Adventure.

Watching the sunrise? Adventure.

Waiting in line for over an hour and getting 5-minute assistance? Adventure.

Traveling to a different country for a mini getaway? Adventure.

Cooking a new recipe? Adventure.

Vlogging? AD-VEN-TURE.

Yup, this year, things will be different.

This year, I’m going to achieve greater and soar higher.

This year, I’m breaking out of my comfort shell and expanding my experiences, knowledge, and brand.

This year, I’m creating an adventurous 2022.

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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