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26 Things to Do At 26

So….26 huh?

Honestly, since 24 I was too ashamed of revealing my age to anyone who didn’t know it yet. I felt that I was too “old,” especially considering I have yet to build my own foundations. I noticed that most of my high school friends and classmates had solid paying jobs, started a family, or are even experiencing adventures I’ve been wanting to do myself.

I’d always tell myself, “you’re too old for this,” or “why aren’t you as successful as others your age yet?” And all of these negative thoughts really took a toll on me. I’d been too afraid that because of my age, it’s too late for me to achieve all the things I want to achieve. I’d compare myself to all these other young individuals who are thriving in life when they’re still younger than 24 years old.

And I needed this way of thinking to stop.

First, I’m still in my 20’s. This is the decade where tons of people are still exploring the world, enjoying life, and discovering who they are.

Second, I have achieved tons of milestones in life that positively affected my emotional and mental state of being, as well as opened new opportunities and skills that I would have never ventured if I didn’t go down this road.

Third, my timeline to pursue my passion for inspiring, healing, traveling, and experiencing will not end unless I’m the one closing the door.

25 had been another challenging year for the books, but that’s life. I don’t expect 26 to be any easier, and I’m ready for the challenges that will come my way.

But, I’m very excited.

Due to what’s been going on, I’ve been feeling more motivated to do the things I’ve been wanting to do and build that foundation I’ve been wanting to build. I’ve also been learning to let go of controlling how I want certain blessings to enter my life and simply…live.

And with living, I’ve listed twenty-six things I’d love to do at twenty-six. Some are simple, while others may take me out of my comfort zone. Some are more in my control, while others will have to wait and see how (and if) I’ll achieve them, especially since we don’t know when we’ll overcome the pandemic.

26 at 26

Keep being inspired and take care always,


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